Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is It Easy to Hate ?

There are glances of hatred that stab, and raise no cry of murder ~George Eliot

There's no law in this whole universe that inculpates anyone for hatred or coldness at heart. Hate, word in itself is so repulsive. Is it ??
It's there in the very fabric of our functioning. We can hate almost everything, we hate people, we hate rules, routines, schedules, authority....
some type of people, style of clothing, way of walking, tone of talking....
peachy behavior, mean relatives, stalking eyes, stingy sarcasm, poky neighbors, outwitting friends...  Sometimes ourselves...
All we need is a teeny-weeny reason to not to like and then sempiternal bragging and crooning is all we seek..

I am not talking about the intense, grudge-type hate but small and unworthy ones. Is it easy to hate than to love and forgive. Its so disgusting to have to befriend someone who have insulted you back in the time...... exasperation is at its height when you set to fake that perky, endearing gestures just to make sure that your alleged decorum is upheld.. When hating seems so alluring.. forgiveness and friendliness are tough choices to make.

Hatred observes with more care than love does

Colossal Chagrins and errs
inflicted pain, intentional blunders
those hefty hours of aspersions
rounds of fake flattery
stingy scuttlebutts
Relive all
the moments, the feelings
as our eyes connect
those memoirs
forthwith, more intact..

People say, love connects.. it mints relations. It spreads... its viral.  It conquers all and its powerful and divine, so does hate too. I've seen people bonding over common hatred. Making friends for common enemy. Chehov says- Nothing better forges a bond of love, friendship or respect than common hatred toward something.

The People's violent Love and Hate;
One in extremes loved and abhorred.
Riddles lie here; or in a word,
Here lies Blood; and let it lie
Speechless still, and never cry..
~ John Cleveland

Polarity of love and hate: 
Extreme opposites... yet very alike sometimes. Freudian theory suggests that in human relationships hate is frequently a forerunner of love, but also that in many circumstances hate changes into love and love into hate. 

Why Hate ??
Can there be any answers...can  the lust of hate ever be quelled ? Is it the crumbling walls of courage and strength or the qualms of loosing liberty and penetralias of your heart ? 
We hate what imperils our income, our popularity, our amour propre and our dreams and inspirations and our plans for ourselves ??

If we can isolate and nail this element of "what we hate" and "why" will we be able to cease from hating ??

Monday, June 25, 2012

Smoking Kid

A custom loathsome to the
eye, hateful to the nose,
harmful to the brain,
dangerous to the lungs,
and in the black, stinking
fume thereof nearest
resembling the horrible
Stygian smoke of the pit
that is bottomless.”
~James I of England

Everyone knows the risks and hazards, yet Nicotine is one of the most prominently used stimulant drug in 21st century across the world and amongst all ages and races. Intake by youngsters is escalating at alarming speed.
Its a favorite time pass and stress buster among them. Turn around in public and see boys and girls holding that filthy piece of crap in hands basking in the midst of unhealthy serpentine smoke and screwing their lungs up.

What's so delectable, enticing and bewitching in it ? 
What makes it so strong that each and every bone in the body crave for that one pot. 

One more and.. just once more leads to severe addiction which does nothing but damage to the body.
Never really got the gratifying explanation for this question... just wispy excuses and lame answers. 

Smoking Kid: Its a video going viral online. Video is a Thai government initiative in which a kid casually comes near a smoking person and asks- " Can I get a light ? " Appalling reply by almost everyone- "Don't you want to live and play?"  Go away.. 

Now again the question arises when they know how calamitous this act is... still 
why continue to puff that smoke away ???
Why not stop ?? 

Novelty Seeking: 
A jargon coined by people who love to try new things, apparently in this case people with impulsive nature, risk loving guys and girls, and individuals with high need for stimulation. I say... to hell with this kind of novelty and experimentation. There are far better ways to experiment and feel good and there exists in society many institution that encourages and supports this so called novelty.

 Have you ever experienced
the snuff sensation
yet? Wow, it’s heady stuff.
C'mon try it once.. 
Try this time.. 
Don't be a coward.. 
If you ever here such advice and taunts again... 
Don't give in..  

Physical Dependence: 
Once a person becomes addicted he/she can become physically dependent on nicotine. Scenes of frustration and desperation are common when it comes to withdrawal. Its not like one doesn't want to get rid of it... but most of them give up in short/long time.  

Thank heaven, I have
given up smoking again!
. . . God! I feel fit.
Homicidal, but fit. A
different man. Irritable,
moody, depressed, rude,
nervy, perhaps; but the
lungs are fine.... 

These are the words of a person who was successful in getting rid of it... 
Somebody has rightly said that "Cigarettes are killers that travel in packs."
Why not we just ban it ? What good it is doing to society ??
Nothing at all... Gone are the days of Columbus when Nicotine was accepted widely as having medical therapeutic value... Now Science & Technology is advanced and equipped enough to survive without such toxic medication. 

Anna Quindlen famous columnist rightly says that-

Whether talking about addiction, taxation [on cigarettes] or education [about smoking], there is always at the center of the conversation an essential conundrum: How come we're selling this deadly stuff anyway?

Smoking Kid forces everyone to think that why this tinker's dam Nicotine still exists ??

Thai Health Promotion Foundation- Smoking Kid


Friday, June 15, 2012

Use and Abuse

No animal ever invented anything as bad as drunkenness or as good as a drink ~Lord Chesterton

Picture of sorry state of affairs and its paradoxical nature is displayed in the above statement, and if you apply an interdisciplinary approach in its analysis then soon enough you'll realize that such contradictory situations are all around and are more commonplace than we actually think.This intricate web of oddities exists at all levels. Be it psychological, physical, historical, political, cultural, social or biological, medical.

Book in which I read above quote was on Drugs: Use and Abuse. It emphasizes the idea that a drug's effects depend not only on its properties, but also on the biological and psychological characteristics of its user and if observed deep enough the same modus operandi manifests at all levels. 

Religion which is considered as the driving force of humanity. Not a single soul on this earth left unswayed by it. It acts an inspiration for good and a healthy life, gives us a reason to believe in something higher and divine. Defines the rules of good and evil, but this same notion of religion when twisted can take horrific and atrocious forms. It has the potential to manipulate psychosis of masses in gruesome ways. History is full of such instances where millions of lives are lost just in the name of religion and faith. 

Society defined as an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization. Its a mechanism which was forged with human existence. World in which we live enjoys its beingness because our ancestors learned and managed to live together. We behave and live our lives with some standards, we follow rules and protocols, maintain status and decorum, we have evolved many institutions, organizations and systems... Why ? Because we want to live in this society, but this same society raises and fosters criminals. Same standards, rules, regulations n laws when abused breeds insecurity, inequality, partiality and what not.

Love the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person. There's nothing in this world which love can't conquer. It's a gift to mankind. But, again love can make people do some awful things. Literature is full of love stories with tragic ends.

Power is the tool which can manipulate as well as dictate the direction and vividness of every physical and mental phenomenon known to men.Chronicles of past and Geography illustrates this creative and cataclysmic force of power at all levels. Following two statements depicts the two extremes possibilities of power-

 "With power comes responsibility" 
"Power corrupts."  

Drugs and Medicines are there to save lives and keep us healthy, but same are being ill treated and exhausted in the worst possible ways. Girls and boys going haywire. Things which were conceived and designed for fun, relaxation, enjoyment, well being and health are transformed into the most common agents of instability and restlessness. Individual tolerance level is dropping with every generation. Nobody wants to compromise, and no one is ready to adjust.

Youth, the most active and productive of all is the high risk victim of such Contradictions. Difference b/w RED and GREEN is turning smudgy and blurry. Vulnerability is at its maximum high and ambiguity is taking its toll. Everyone seems to thriving upon an unexplainable polysemantic sense of Right and Wrong and sometimes their gumption and the so called common sense gets too cryptic to comprehend. 

Unlike the ambiguity of language, ambiguity of life never reaches a limit therefore we need to find ways to deal with it Robert Havighurst rightly suggests that-

The modern world needs people with a complex identity who are intellectually autonomous and prepared to cope with uncertainty; who are able to tolerate ambiguity and not be driven by fear into a rigid, single-solution approach to problems, who are rational, foresightful and who look for facts; who can draw inferences and can control their behavior in the light of foreseen consequences, who are altruistic and enjoy doing for others, and who understand social forces and trends.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Honore de Balzac said-
"Equality may perhaps be a right, but no power on earth can ever turn it into a fact."

Quotes like this hit the nerves of society. The very moment I read it, all the fundamental rights, multifarious directive principles, fancy laws, duties and typical textbook statements flashed right in front of my eyes and then the long phase of mentation kicked in. Wide eyed I stared in the void for answers.

Is EQUALITY an illusion which we all have agreed to agree upon ?
Or its just an imagination which is too good to be true ?

Is all of this 
a ruse
or an instrument 
to infuse, the confuse 
in bleak minds. 
or its to add 
layers and layers of 
faux hopes
and murky blinds.  

Color, caste
fails to cease.
but there's panoply 
of laws to 
brag about and appease. 

Gender inequality
raises scandalous
questions on 
humans and humanity.
History and geography 
filled with scars. 
For many, safe havens 
are too far.

But, the one that
aches most
is the money
n the power
Whose host 
outfoxes all. 
Below whose knees 
everyone fall.  
Brings forth
an abyss of status 
deepest of All.  

Parameters are many 
none can be ignored. 
It won't do any good 
to bring them up.
As they are relative
and too curved
to keep up.

PS: It doesn't mean that there's an absolute chaos and mayhem all around. People all over the planet have managed to reduce INEQUALITY in all spheres to some levels. But still there are many stumbles to cross and miles to go. All we can do is hope.  It's the luxury which everyone can afford and the best thing about HOPE is, it costs nothing. 


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