Saturday, December 22, 2018

As A Ponderer Ponders

For I have always been a seeker, a dreamer, and a ponderer on seeking and dreaming...
H.P. Lovecraft,
Night Ocean et autres nouvelles

© Aleksandar Slavković
Standing tall on a rooftop
Observing city skyline
Sundown and birds flying by
Labyrinth of highways
Rush of wheeled machines
Everyone's on move
Running to somewhere
From someone, feeling
Like being in quicksand

Continuously reminding myself
Gazing at prospects
Of future to foresee
Brooding over past
and its perplexities
Where do these
Ever changing roads lead?
Forwards or backwards
Inwards or outwards
Promise and possibilities
Doubt and uncertainties
Standing tall on a rooftop
I ponder 

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