Tuesday, February 7, 2023


It's often just enough to be with someone. I don't need to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between you both. You're not alone.

~Marilyn Monroe

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Slow, but Sweet

Slow, soulful living is all about coming back to your truth, the only guidance you’ll ever need. When you rush, you have the tendency to follow others. When you bring in mindfulness, you have the power to align with yourself.

Kris Franken, The Call of Intuition

There lies sweetness in the slowness of being. That lazy morning on a weekend might be the best way to recharge our minds. With each passing day, a layer of complexity adds to out lives, one more day of interactions, experiences, wellness and trauma. All adds to this unending pot of memories. Some are happening and some are frustrating. Each day is that way, a fleeting fragments of memories that adds in our lives.

Slowing down occasionally is a sweet thing. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023


The past is a candle at great distance: too close to let you quit, too far to comfort you.

Amy Bloom, Away

Floating Clouds

There was a star riding through clouds one night, & I said to the star, 'Consume me'.

Virginia Woolf, The Waves 

Standing tall on a rooftop

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Nothing Ever Becomes Real 'Til It Is Experienced

"Nothing ever becomes real 'til it is experienced."
― John Keats 

So Often It Wanders

We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way, begin no day where we have ended another day; and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us. Even while the earth sleeps we travel. We are the seeds of the tenacious plant, and it is in our ripeness and our fullness of heart that we are given to the wind and are scattered.
― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


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