Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A big No-No to blogging..

Yes u read it right... A big No-No to blogging, fbooking for 12 days as exams are dancing right on my head, and as every other sincere student on this earth I'm not prepared till date :'(

Colossal syllabus has scared me enough to stop multitasking for few days and now I'm going to pull this off by burning midnight oils(actually CFLs and Tube Lights) and by disturbing my biological clock badly.
Apparently no new posts, no commenting :'(
I'm gonna miss it badly but that's my  fate. 

Signing off 
Will be back in First week of Auguste
Till than .. Take care 
and Keep Writing !!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Only abnormality is incapacity to love, unable to feel/see good in others.
Majority of population in any country is mentally normal(genetically and  physically). Sane and intelligent enough to judge between right and wrong. Smart enough to judge between good and bad. But with increase in crime, family dramas, scams it seems that things are not even near to normal. Something is really wrong with people. It feels like generation by generation the genes of abnormality are becoming more dominant and Normal human genes are getting repressed.
Line between a Normal and an Abnormal is becoming very thin....and the in the contrary abnormal ones seems to be behaving in normal and cordial ways.

He lacks in
normal talks
even not normal
are his walks
queer thoughts
he projects
usual things
he rejects.

His version of brain
is labeled as, Low
Execution of instructions
are also slow
But the smile he smiles
is bereaved of bugs
Things he transmits
is lots of Love
and lovely hugs.

Pure like a child
a baby at his heart
He's uniquely intelligent
and uncommonly smart.

All these features
looks so normal
nothing anomalous
suspicious or abnormal.
Fact is:
We all perform too normal
ingenious, over-smart
May be phenomenal
but equally paranormal
Far beyond something 
Which one can call
absolutely "Normal". 

असामान्य ...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just a Game ..

It's the game of life. Do I win or do I lose? One day they're gonna shut the game down. I gotta have as much fun and go around the board as many times as I can before it's my turn to leave- Tupac Shakur.
Be fun and enjoy this life as if  you are playing a game. Don't be a bore...... Enjoy it and have fun.

Disappointments, disturbances
are part of life
Diversions, distractions
all you strife
What matters, is how you
play this game
With endless hard disk
But, limited RAM

Ball is always
in your hands
your moves and mistakes
set the trends
they may turn
right or wrong
you may go
feeble or strong
Based on that
this game proceeds
So are your chances of
failure and succeed.

Its better to loose
the facts and counts
of impediments and hurdles
their roars and sounds
Inexorable they may be
Surely they'll be profound
But situations, do turn around
there's always a chance of
reboots and rebounds.

Crack your inertia
and spot that chance
its time to march on
ahead and advance
treachery and treason
can guise as friend
the toughest test of

Defender, attacker
all roles, you have to play
there's no gate
to walk away
moves you choose
and the tracks you cruise
some can be new
others can be well-used.

What's ahead
no one knows
intelligence lies
in calm and compose
Let's play this game
with zero blemishes
and no-blames
Winning and loosing
ain't objects of shame
It's just a game.


महज एक खेल  


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