Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phoenix Rising

Restart, reboot, rejuvenate, refresh all signifies a fresh beginning. Keeping the past aside and starting all over again. Like a Phoenix, you wish to rise again and fly to new heights. All new, young and fresh. 
Who doesn't want this ?
We all do.

I turn my head to sky rains falling,
wash the wounds of numbness from my soul.
Turn my heart in tides of fierce renewal,
where love and rage run whole.
Come drink deep.~ Carolyn McDade

A start, to embark on all over again. 
A thought, to muse and ponder again. 
To have a fresh look 
of ideas inside.
For corrections n amends
on all that you tried.

To change the mood
n change the look. 
Untie those intricate knots 
and search
for chains to unhook.
Repaint the walls 
and refine the approach. 
all you need is a better focus 
and deeper encroach. 

These steps are vital 
for revival. 
Mistakes- your biggest rival. 
Make sure they doesn't stand a chance
this time, because.
This is the time to 
evolve n enhance. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good and Evil

"He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
— Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

I've always wondered how brilliant minds fall prey to ills and evils ? How a person with high credentials and intellect slips deep down in their moral behavior? How our leaders and executives and all other people with great power and much greater responsibility go past their standards and do some heavy nasty things. 

Corruption, bribe, cheating are just the popular ones there are so many holes in their armors that it seems impossible to imagine that sometimes back, they used to hold one. How this transformation of good into bad takes place ? Is it an instant process or gradual ?

Men and women with great passion and hard-work pave their ways to high places. They turn their day n night in studying and creating a personality which segregates them from general mass. They are seen with respect, are tagged with wisdom, knowledge and discretion. Then how this well-informed, educated and trained mind gets distracted ?

Nobody is born bad. Initially we all are same delicate, childlike, spotless innocent creatures. Than what makes us good n bad ? Is it the genetic make-up, deeds we do, things we say or the people around us ? Is there no way of knowing, detecting and sensing this braniac pollution? When and how its going to attack ? Its symptoms or side-effects ?

Questions are many and so are the answers. But none helps. This monster is growing, and its growing with speed higher than ever. Some are resistant, some are resilient. But for how long ? We all know how great technologies which we proud today, helping us in building our nation, uniting it and controlling it, can be used disastrously if got in wrong hands. How some people bend rules. How the laws and rights are misused ? How the data [which we believe to be encrypted and super-safe] collected in the name of protection and benefits and fast and easy transactions holds the capability of stalking and monitoring our each and every move ?

How the things/rules/laws and people which were once good turn into some friendly monsters. Those who are fighting against it, how long before they fail to abstain ?

PS: Sorry for not being so active these days. Got exams... But, will be back again soon. Till than tckr !!!


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