Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Animal Inside

Human Beings, top notch species of  Darwinian evolution. We proudly  wrongly consider ourselves much more cultured, developed and intelligent than any other. We have families, relationships, industries, transportation facilities, communication etc. We care, love, share, enjoy and what not. One can write a full length novella on this. But, sometimes we get to see the flipside of this evolved species. These days newspapers are full of such incidences where a person who looks like us, sometimes very familiar to us does something so horrific that mere thought of it creeps you inside out. 
Suddenly, you feel like somewhere deep down that animal instinct is still there. It's just dormant deep within us. But, somewhere somehow it gets activated in few godforsaken individuals. 

Filth that moves around 
stealthily, silently
triggers neurons, 
makes someone do... 
unhealthy, nasty things.

An animal, lives inside,
hides behind the face.
Lurks, leaves no trace
fakes so perfectly,
elegance, love and grace.

Contaminated throughout
Poisonous nails.. 
that grow inwards.. 
Waiting for semaphore..
that opportune hour.

Jump out.. 
Shed the skin 
do the act 
seize the moment 
Go back with 
routine things..

Some say 
Blame it on TV 
others say, its the.. 
growing culture 
and vogue that surrounds..

Few say 
its the dormant beast 
that takes over.. 
that transforms someone 
into an animal.. 
Which we thought was 
lost in evolution..

I don't think we ever lost that animal instinct. It's there in everyone. But, with time we somehow learned to tame it. History is full of such human- beasts and animals who gave us enough reasons to keep this uncontrollable, brutal genetic power in check. Unfortunately, when I look at the incidents that are happening all around I wonder.... Is animal really under control ??


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