Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wake Me UP When February Ends

hey folks !!
I hope u guys r doing fine. The title of this post doesn't even remotely match with what I am writing here :P 
Random ScriBBlings is MIA from around past 2 months... nobody misses it more than I do. But now things are back in line... and hibernation state is finally Over :) 

Will be posting something new soon in March 
Till than 
take care... 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fallen Angels

We all have few people in our lives who make our existence miserable in a very lovely way.. yeah I'm talking about Friends here :)
This complicated, twisted relationship is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person. 
A token of love and gratitude for all my friends[Fallen Angels]

They squash you
almost every single day.
They make you mere
an object of mockery
in worst possible ways.
Yet, no one can displace
them from the domain
of your lives.
They are the ones 
who make you especial.
Bunch of idiots
whose untimely presence
can light up your
usually swinging moods.

They might not be 
always there 
when you want them to be.
But, you can count on 
having their backs
when you literally need.
Adroitly they can
detect the fakery
on your face.
Infinite power is hidden
in their handshakes
cuddles and embrace.

They'll kick your ass
right at the moment
when you truly deserve.
But they make sure too
kicking-butt right is
exclusively reserved.
Fallen demons angels they are 
landed on my shoulder
right from hell heaven
to make this mortal life
full of immortal memories !!

Do you have such people in your life ??
Can you imagine your life without them ?


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