Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fallen Angels

We all have few people in our lives who make our existence miserable in a very lovely way.. yeah I'm talking about Friends here :)
This complicated, twisted relationship is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person. 
A token of love and gratitude for all my friends[Fallen Angels]

They squash you
almost every single day.
They make you mere
an object of mockery
in worst possible ways.
Yet, no one can displace
them from the domain
of your lives.
They are the ones 
who make you especial.
Bunch of idiots
whose untimely presence
can light up your
usually swinging moods.

They might not be 
always there 
when you want them to be.
But, you can count on 
having their backs
when you literally need.
Adroitly they can
detect the fakery
on your face.
Infinite power is hidden
in their handshakes
cuddles and embrace.

They'll kick your ass
right at the moment
when you truly deserve.
But they make sure too
kicking-butt right is
exclusively reserved.
Fallen demons angels they are 
landed on my shoulder
right from hell heaven
to make this mortal life
full of immortal memories !!

Do you have such people in your life ??
Can you imagine your life without them ?


  1. They'll can even kick your ass
    right at the moment
    when you least expect this from them... :)

    friends will always be the same..

    nice one...

  2. Yes its true infinte power is hidden in their handshakes, cuddle ..beautiful n cude ode to friendship.

    A high five..KUDOS!


  3. Now this is a beautiful ode to friendship .. Friends are a blissss always .. I have some beautiful people in my life who i know will give there right hand for me without asking even..
    god bless friendships and Friends


  4. Very beautifully expressed! That's why dear, animals are best friends -they ask no question pass no comments! :)
    (a hurried response always)

  5. Agree with above, will take animals anyday. They don't back talk, at least in a way you can understand..haha....great verse once more at your shore.

  6. thats beautiful dear!! An ode to friendship.

  7. Jyoti,

    So true. Very nicely put.

    Take care

  8. A very cute poem about how friends hold your hand in times of need and also kick your ass ... Truly impressive, Jyoti:)

  9. Wonderful way of saying Thanks to the friends.

  10. I love these lines -
    "But, you can count on
    having their backs
    when you literally need."

    Lovely gesture for a friend by a friend...:)

  11. I love these lines -
    "But, you can count on
    having their backs
    when you literally need."

    Lovely gesture for a friend by a friend...:)

  12. Fallen angels - I think thats the perfect synonym for that one person who comes into our life like an angel and remain our best friend forever even though they have to live miles away from you.

  13. Beautiful tribute to friends! Sweet words Jyoti and lovely poetry as always.

  14. Yes I do and No I cannot imagine my life without them :) What a wonderful tribute.. your friends will be so proud! Lots of love Jyo <3


  15. a good one on friends
    what would life be without them! unimaginable :)

  16. So retable for all of us :)
    Smiled through the post! lovely :)

  17. yup... very true... so nicely written..

  18. Seems u had many kick backs from u r friends! Lol
    Memorable scrip on friends, which I wish happen in my life too...

  19. So nice to read you.
    Beautiful post Jyoti.
    You are having all qualities of
    a best friend.God too is manifested in
    a true friend. "त्वमेव बंधू श्च सखा त्वमेव".

    I hope you must have passed your exams,
    with good marks.

  20. Infinite power is hidden
    in their handshakes

    good..........really it happens.

    "amitrasy kutah sukham"......:)

    fabulous post.


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