Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Few Care, And That's Not Enough

" We are a society that only cares about the hungry when they are voters and only cares about the naked when they are women."
~Ahmed Negm

We all, call ourselves a society, don’t care much
Contemn change, adore status quo in all its entirety
Feeble feeling ‘care’ is, not an overwhelming one as such
So easily buried, forgotten, easily observed but ignored
We grieve, can do anything for rejoice and reprieve
Only for ones we know and love, or being loved.

Indifference is well fed to us, we ain’t neutral by chance
When have our eyes reflected back the reality in entirety?
It does when something gross or gruesome dances
Rest all to be seen is left for somewhile perchances
We live in an unseen bubble where all’s fine and good
Unaware of all which can render us weltered in glances.

Look for it, where that care, empathic heart has gone?
Lock it when you find it, before it has for forever gone.


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