Monday, November 28, 2011

Matrix of Opinions

We all got opinions almost about each and every thing known to us. Whether we know about it, or not. But we have our ideas n thoughts ready on it.

Let me think about some of them... yeah
Climate, laws, policies, government, society, education, health, crimes, etiquette, religion, services....  huh as I said almost everything.
Opinion generally have various forms- suggestions, advice, hints, reviews, critics etc..... These opinions and expressions are so vital to our lives, that we all enjoy "Freedom of Expressions" as one of the Fundamental Right in our constitution. Judiciary, the third pillar of our government is nothing but interpretations (opinions of lawyers n judges) of different laws.

Point is we all are surrounded by multiple clouds, like a Matrix of Opinions. I wonder how profoundly they rule our minds. Every action of ours is the result of some opinions and suggestions and something similar. Another point to be noted is that quite often, how naively we bias our views n thoughts about something based on others opinions.
Without thinking much, how we impose them on others.  

Does opinions really matter  ??
ohhh yeah a  Lot. 
Sometimes they are slammed.
right on your face. 
Whether you like it, or Not.

Mind it. 
They are vital.
for our survival. 
Because, they are our pills,
of re-vitals and revivals. 

Editorials, papers,
books and magazines.
Its all around.
No one's deprive of it.
There is no quarantine.

There are few 
you can't comprehend.
But still, out of habit.
You apprehend it all,
You pretend.

A-class opinion makers 
We humans are. 
like an opinion generator.
we create n process opinions
At the rate of. 
Per-Minute or may be Per-Hour. 

So friends what is your Opinion about this "Matrix of opinions" ??
How much your actions and your life is affected by the opinions of the people around you ??
Why opinions of other matters a lot ??
Why we think a lot about what others are thinking ??
विचारों का मायाजाल   

Monday, November 21, 2011


Lets Play POLITICS...  some of you might be thinking that either I've gone mad, else I am studying too hard these days which is resulting in this stupid idea of playing politics..... but trust me I'm writing this in full sane mood and funny thing is playing this game  is a daily deal and most of us can become  fantastic politicians too. But before u all stop reading this politically motivated post lets just talk about politics.
What is Politics ? 
The problem with "politics" as a concept is that it has various versions/definitions. People have different ideas about what politics is.
Some even think that politics is what politicians do :p 
Mahatma Gandhi once observed that politics envelopes us like the coils of a snake and there is no other way but to wrestle with it. 
But we all are too cautious n averse of politics and we all say ohh c'mon I don't play politics. I am going to stay away from it. But this is a big big lie, and there is no escaping too.
We all are part of some or the other political system. We all are politicians, if not political than of some personal-politics :D So just don't deny playing it.

Don't we manipulate.
or try n populate. 
Our ideas and thoughts. 
Don't we try to inter-connect.
Just to feel good and great. 
or may be an attempt to dominate.

Don't we initiate intrigues.
Making groups, forging leagues. 
Deeply concerned n connected 
with our clique. 
Stupefied and lost 
in self-created mystique. 

Busy in pursuing personal interest.
We eat selectively 
prefer only what our
crafted mind can digest. 
We have our own agendas, 
templates and presets. 

Lets play politics
like we always do. And, 
Don't deny it.
coz, its true.

Knowingly, unknowingly 
We all are stained. 
Wrestling hard n we're strained. 
In homes, on roads 
everywhere we execute. 
These political codes.
We negotiate, we compromise
just like a political party do. 

Lets play politics
like we always do. And,
Don't deny it 
coz, its true.

आओ खेलें राजनीति 
PS: A big big sorry and apologies for not responding to comments and your new posts.  Caught up in a hectic routine :( Will try my best to visit all of u asap !!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pretty Little Things

Half the joy of life is in little things taken on the run. 
Good or bad that's on the individual to decide but point is- it counts. These small things have the power to give immense pleasure as well as pain. 
Pretty little things
So many, you ignore. 
Few, you can never forget.
For some, you are not sure. 
Few, constantly pricks. 
Many others, just useless tricks. 
No matter how small they are. 
They have this bundle of power. 
Which can control you,
or can twist your mood. 
Some, you wanna retain. 
Others, you elude. 

The tiny gift your friend gave. 
For a sip of coffee, you crave. 
First prize, you won in school. 
Silly things you did, pretending to be cool. 
Sarcastic comment, your classmate made. 
Fun you had in college parade. 
A friend, who stopped talking to you. 
Next door pal, with whom you grew. 
Mistakes, for which your mother slapped.
Ohh, the height of enjoyment you had
in designing pranks and getting trapped. 
Flowers of the plant you planted before. 
That girl in your class, always outscored. 
Lovely, unusual sibling love you shared. 
Shine of your new bike, you proudly glared. 
Movies, outings and trips with your gang. 
Irritating others with your private slangs.

These small things.
They do count. 
Adds meaning n spice
in your lives n surrounds. 
Pretty little things 
they may be.
Made from people 
like you and me.
An elegantly blended.
potpourris, of sweet n sour 
moments n memories. 

PS: This post is dedicated to all my friends :) 


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