Monday, November 28, 2011

Matrix of Opinions

We all got opinions almost about each and every thing known to us. Whether we know about it, or not. But we have our ideas n thoughts ready on it.

Let me think about some of them... yeah
Climate, laws, policies, government, society, education, health, crimes, etiquette, religion, services....  huh as I said almost everything.
Opinion generally have various forms- suggestions, advice, hints, reviews, critics etc..... These opinions and expressions are so vital to our lives, that we all enjoy "Freedom of Expressions" as one of the Fundamental Right in our constitution. Judiciary, the third pillar of our government is nothing but interpretations (opinions of lawyers n judges) of different laws.

Point is we all are surrounded by multiple clouds, like a Matrix of Opinions. I wonder how profoundly they rule our minds. Every action of ours is the result of some opinions and suggestions and something similar. Another point to be noted is that quite often, how naively we bias our views n thoughts about something based on others opinions.
Without thinking much, how we impose them on others.  

Does opinions really matter  ??
ohhh yeah a  Lot. 
Sometimes they are slammed.
right on your face. 
Whether you like it, or Not.

Mind it. 
They are vital.
for our survival. 
Because, they are our pills,
of re-vitals and revivals. 

Editorials, papers,
books and magazines.
Its all around.
No one's deprive of it.
There is no quarantine.

There are few 
you can't comprehend.
But still, out of habit.
You apprehend it all,
You pretend.

A-class opinion makers 
We humans are. 
like an opinion generator.
we create n process opinions
At the rate of. 
Per-Minute or may be Per-Hour. 

So friends what is your Opinion about this "Matrix of opinions" ??
How much your actions and your life is affected by the opinions of the people around you ??
Why opinions of other matters a lot ??
Why we think a lot about what others are thinking ??
विचारों का मायाजाल   


  1. Dynamic portrait of 'Opinion'. Nice read, Jyoti.

  2. My opinion on this one in one word : Awesome

    Jyoti, Fantastic and very lucid thought...simple yet conveyed in depth...

    keep goin !!!

  3. My opinions on your matrix of opinions is that I'm of the opinion your opinions are great!

  4. always a wonderful and awesome read...

  5. Jyoti, Surely opinion matters! In this case it is a brilliant mind at work!:)

  6. great poem...and fantastic views...its amazing how u catch the little things in life many ppl tend to miss out..

  7. i think as much as we are entitled to our own opinions, we are also entitled to choose which ones we listen to...

  8. I always have a common opinion for whatever JM produces: Masha'Allah :)

  9. Funny...I was just sharing my opinion with someone else that they were being too opinionated. We'll always have opinions, we just have to figure out a way to have less of them, and for the ones we have to ring true :)

  10. yes opinions matter .. depends if we listen to them or not .. my dad use to say always listen to everyone and take the best advice :)

    a beautiful poem loved it

  11. Absolutely true. I fully agree with you. Very well written. I always take few persons opinion and then come into conclusion. Everybody has different opinion about a particular thing and sometimes it makes difficult to decide but its ofcourse valuable.

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  13. \Opinions are really opium for some!But one thing-only dead ones and fools do not change their opinion! :) Nicely Written!

  14. Jyoti,

    Well said. Opinions do matter a lot in our efforts for improvement. However one should give opinion on positive note.

    Take care

  15. Often an individual cannot judge the situation and circumstances s/he tries to decide but sometimes things gets tougher. Different mindsets are required to fully comprehend what you are up to, prevents future grief. Henceforth, opinions matters, a lot.

    Also, I was on a break. I'll resume my writing soon. Thank you for dropping by for a peek-a-boo."

  16. Jyoti,

    This is the first time i have visited your blog.U write nicely.

    I liked this one "Judiciary, the third pillar of our government is nothing but interpretations (opinions of lawyers n judges) of different laws.""

  17. You made so much sense as usual.Well said Jyoti.

  18. Hello,

    Fantastic thoughts on opinion and a lovely poem.

    Opinions dominate our lives, our behavior, our actions, our dressing style, our outlook. Right from our young age we are dominated by opinions of our parents,elders,teachers,our friends,our religion,our neighbors,our locality, our society, our language and our country. Even countries have their own opinions about other countries.

    I enjoyed your interesting post,

  19. i am just wondering how you came up with this !
    liked it
    opinions matter esp of those who matter to us

  20. Opinion differs from man to man and thing to thing and it matters no matter what… but the decision to take it or not is in our hand. Very nice poem and thoughts Jyoti :)

  21. beautiful Jyoti B-)

    ur writes are so mature n profound!!

  22. My opinions are mostly sugar coated. I wish they were straight forward, like u said 'slam on the face'..

  23. Liked this piece loads! I have been thinking about this question alot but havent thought of putting up a piece for those thoughts. You've just beat me to it!
    Humans like to be heard and hoping our opinion is original, yet supported by others. Sometimes we say things to get certain opinions, but at times we do already expect the views and many a times, we do get upset when our views are not acknowledged.
    We have to remember though, that sometimes even if everyone(present at that point) has the same view, it doesnt neccessitate its accuracy or correctness. So yes, I do agree that humans seek to be approved and to be heard of course;)

  24. my opinion everybody have or should have his/her own opinion but we should respect the opinions of others as well :)

  25. Being able to create poetry out of mundane topics of our life is something great. Your writing seems effortless and this is prof enough about the amount of effort you put in.

    I am really amazed at your talent to do so again and again.

  26. I like ppl who give an honest opinion coz thats what i do when anybody asks for it.

  27. hey this is amazing...u write the same things in hindi as well as english...good going...n yes u do have a nice way of saying things

  28. Sometimes we get opinions when we don't want them, and vice versa. But yes, most of the times opinions do help :)
    Nice post :)

  29. excellent question. sometimes i feel as opinions have replaced knowledge or wisdom. people, myself included, feel as if we need an opinion on things. opinion has replaced critical thinking, which is a real coup for the powers. instead of digging down to verify if our leaders are telling the truth, people will say they don't have the time for that and their opinion is such and such.

    but sometimes, opinions are so fun, like who is cuter, or which team is best. i just don't think opinions should be allowed in the discourse of really important matters like economics and imperialism.

  30. Jyoti opinion does matter...sometimes our thought process r blurred due to various reasons n opinion from friends n family clears the mind to take a right decision!!

    Nice take on opinion!!


  31. nice...was interesting to go back through the comments on this...i def think a line has to be drawn between opinion and fact...or even informed opinion...

  32. no new post yet Jyoti? let me check out some of your older posts :)

  33. Hello.
    We all have opinions. We believe we're always right until someone proves us wrong.
    Your opinions are highly entertaining!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate the comment.

    For ref:
    Under Your Spell

  34. Thanks for visiting my blog again...actually i was trying writing in hindi....u can check it out here...

  35. Thanks for your comment :) Glad you liked the post :)

  36. incredible.

    Hello, you win perfect poet award for week 56, hope that you have enjoyed it.
    It has been a delightful experience with you supporting Thursday Poets Rally, we have enjoyed your presence and talent very much, thumbs up!
    fabulous poetry along the way, keep those gems coming.
    Always, you are more than welcome to join our biweekly rally.
    Happy Holidays!

  37. It sounds almost like a rapper piece. Do you know the song, Where is the Love by Black Eye Peas. I think this piece is good for that!

    Advice for one maybe turn out to be a critic for another. It's tough to know what's good for one. And sometimes in order to be accepted, we take in advice even though we dont want to. Or voice certain opinions and be ostrasised. It's all a matter of perspective. A little tough at times but we all have to keep on trying. Excellent reflective piece!


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