Sunday, February 20, 2011


Getting tougher day by day
To detach you
from my play
You r lovely
but, You are a sin
Can't run away
I treat you as my kin.

You are a pleasure
but, You snatch good of Me
You taste sweet, but
Your results are creep
You're a show today, but
I see a future flop
On the face of profit
I made awful loss.

Control I used to have
I lost it on you
You are not that precious
I made that wrong move
Resistance sprouted
Its growing bit by bit
Wait few dayz, you'll see it.

Deep down in my heart
I know what i seek
You're nothing to me, its just ME
Who is weak
To accept it, to defeat.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


To search myself in ME
Do I need to go too far
to see ?
To sense the inside 
Is it so important to be
blind-eyed ?

Deposits of doubts
on my bank
Leaving a total
To know the flavor of mine
Do I need to freeze
my spine ??

It ain't tough I guess
Its just that
I react, and take stress
Burning desires
can take ME higher
Only if I can ignore the height of higher !!
Only if I can ignore the height of higher!!


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