Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Soldier's Cry

 A soldier's reaction after he thinks hard about the internal conflicts of his country. When he looks around, all he sees is corrupted system, stained politics and illogical disputes perfectly imbibed n camouflaged . All he  thinks is that --- >

Toughest, not tough enough
to deter me.
Roughest, not rough enough
to unnerve me.
What creeps me, are
the enemies inside.

I swear
Outsiders can never harm
my country. But I worry
as I see everyday
loudmouthed leering Lucifers
roaming around
walking free.

Suspected, yet unseen.
Their slates are too clean.
Well disguised in appearance
they seem, innocuously serene.
Faulty system, filthy politics
Signal them green.

I stand here, securing borders
with cold, watchful, vigilant faces
But potential enemies, harboring
Inside, well secured
In some complicated hiding places.

“Blame Game” new sensational
National Game. Morbid curiosities
Rising high
I want you all to
listen to this Soldier’s Cry. 

Wake up your dormant senses.
Smell this reek of enemy inside.
Its time- time to find out
plausible hidey-holes of
perfectly fake humans.
Flourishing on our soils
spoiling nationwide.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

DOA: Dead or Alive

Hey guys !!!

hope u all r doing well.. I'm alive n kicking :) 
I was getting several messages inquiring about my whereabouts n well-being... 
So here I am... 

Well my exams r still on :'( 
actually they gt postponed n now last paper is due on 4 Feb...
I have loads of things to talk.... This sabbatical is not a waste gt so many thoughts churned n  stored in my buffer...will share them wid u all in my posts.

Will b back soon... Till then... 
Take care 
Miss u all a lot.


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