Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blind Faith

We all got fantastic lives but there are times when we face odds and than we seek refuge in "something". This "something" has got infinite names and appearances, however in reality it has no physical existence. 
But we always fall for it and take a leap of faith whenever needed and without an exception every single time we survive. This faith in "something" gives us enormous energy to fight off any possible opponent. 

Apparently, this Blind Faith gives most visible n most felt results. 
Strange but true. 

I wonder 
What's the power behind ??
Which makes us
believe some non-sense.
But we derive 
a sense out of it
and unwind. 
Gather courage
to flip the game 
confusion, chaos 
get it
arranged, aligned.
No one knows
if its illogical 
or creatively designed.
The process,
a mystery 
something beyond
Still we believe it 
like an ardent student 
or I can say it
like a blind.
PS: I am aware of the fact that I'm no longer behaving like a regular blogger, trust me I am not the one who is responsible. Blame my university for that for making my life damn hectic. Will soon visit all of u and read as much as I can. Till than take care n don't think I'm lost :) 

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Secret Society..

These days when you are out on roads your limbs n lives are at higher risk of getting caught in an accident or something of equal disastrous value. It looks like in 21st century a new driving culture is flourishing in which drivers [most of them] act more like an agent of a secret society whose ultimate aim is just to drive recklessly. I call them Android Drivers, because it is not their brains which operates their driving rather they drive in a frenzy. A result of some kind of psycho-kinesis.  
Read the post to know more about this secret society.

Theoretically, Only humans Drive
but exists a secret society
of Android Drivers. They Deprive
All rules n regulations meant
or forged to survive.
They unknowingly connive 
Master plans of Self-Death.
Miraculously, they manage
somehow to stay alive.

They cross the red lights
enunciating, inviting plights.
Hurling in front of buses n trucks
like a born-divine 
they've excess of luck.
What else can explain
       the magic
we see on highways and roads, 
in midst of arrogant, spineless
insane drivers
We survive DAILY
Many Thanks to gods !!

What irritate them
are trivial traffic rules.
Breaking, Smashing
whatever in the way
for them, is Super Cool.
True spiritual masters they are
they are no fools
coz, they manage to
put fear of God
even in hardcore adherent
atheist schools. 

Immutable rules.
So popular and COOL
They don't drive in single lane
Its their insult, It makes them look lame.
Always straddle on two
Allow nobody to overtake U.
Turn around suddenly
Ain't give a shit about traffic
Feel charged up, electric
eternal and terrific.

Always drive with one hand
Park on busy roads
Literally lie on it
Keeping it on Main stand.
With Rear view inclined inwards
Ear shattering engines
Pretending to be Handsome, Hunk n Studs.
Once u and your engine
are out of luck.
There is no rewind, rear gear
nothing can be undone.

A word to those commuters
utterly lacking
self-preservation instinct
and Risk promoters.
Don't behave like
android drivers.
Nobody will call u a Hero
If u r an accident survivor.
Stop this psycho kinesis
Drive Safe like an alert, sane Driver.
एक गोपन समाज

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Too much these days !!!

Hello fellow bloggers !!!

I wish u all doing absolutely fine.
This post is to inform u all that I've been busy in past few weeks and as a side-effect I am unable to read the lovely posts of u all.... Don't worry they r there in my unread list, gonna read them asap.
Surely will come up with a new post of mine.

Take Care
Will be active soon...


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