Friday, September 16, 2011

A Secret Society..

These days when you are out on roads your limbs n lives are at higher risk of getting caught in an accident or something of equal disastrous value. It looks like in 21st century a new driving culture is flourishing in which drivers [most of them] act more like an agent of a secret society whose ultimate aim is just to drive recklessly. I call them Android Drivers, because it is not their brains which operates their driving rather they drive in a frenzy. A result of some kind of psycho-kinesis.  
Read the post to know more about this secret society.

Theoretically, Only humans Drive
but exists a secret society
of Android Drivers. They Deprive
All rules n regulations meant
or forged to survive.
They unknowingly connive 
Master plans of Self-Death.
Miraculously, they manage
somehow to stay alive.

They cross the red lights
enunciating, inviting plights.
Hurling in front of buses n trucks
like a born-divine 
they've excess of luck.
What else can explain
       the magic
we see on highways and roads, 
in midst of arrogant, spineless
insane drivers
We survive DAILY
Many Thanks to gods !!

What irritate them
are trivial traffic rules.
Breaking, Smashing
whatever in the way
for them, is Super Cool.
True spiritual masters they are
they are no fools
coz, they manage to
put fear of God
even in hardcore adherent
atheist schools. 

Immutable rules.
So popular and COOL
They don't drive in single lane
Its their insult, It makes them look lame.
Always straddle on two
Allow nobody to overtake U.
Turn around suddenly
Ain't give a shit about traffic
Feel charged up, electric
eternal and terrific.

Always drive with one hand
Park on busy roads
Literally lie on it
Keeping it on Main stand.
With Rear view inclined inwards
Ear shattering engines
Pretending to be Handsome, Hunk n Studs.
Once u and your engine
are out of luck.
There is no rewind, rear gear
nothing can be undone.

A word to those commuters
utterly lacking
self-preservation instinct
and Risk promoters.
Don't behave like
android drivers.
Nobody will call u a Hero
If u r an accident survivor.
Stop this psycho kinesis
Drive Safe like an alert, sane Driver.
एक गोपन समाज


  1. Your observations of any component of society are always very accurate and the poetic expression thereof is just marvelous.
    In science fiction androids are altogether a different concept ,sometime even wiser than man but here the term point out towards same what you aim-reckless ,rash drivers!

  2. Dr. Phil did a show about this. He said it's all to do with Ego!
    Most people see their cars as an extension of their homes, and most people's minds change when they get behind a wheel because we're all in such a hurry to get from A to B, and our ego is driving. We expect the Sea to part for 'US' to go through without being slowed down or stalled. It's so true, people's who characters change behind a wheel, and, it's not going to get any better either.
    Great prose, great point, well said!
    Mind how you cross the roads! ;)

  3. Brilliant use of words....thoughtful meaningful poem

  4. I also think it has to do with ego as well as being self-centered sometimes. Attracting attention to the car and then the driver.

    I used to do a lot of things at home to earn might be interested. Copy and paste the URL

  5. Loved the way u hav put it in words. Well done!!

  6. Oh yes traffic can be such a pain, makes me pop a vein, just changing a single lane, people are crazy and you brought it to light.

  7. Smart and sharp observation indeed. Insightful piece of writing! You use really beautiful words Jyoti:)

  8. That's a very keen observation! I love love the way you put it. I'm following you :)

  9. Please justify the use of word Android, because it is a mobile operating system I come come to love more than any other mobile OS :P

    But yes, reckless drivers are such a bane, don't they realize that life is a must have experience and everyone else is just trying to evade the other side of this experience, death. Perhaps, they don't even care enough for someone who might be waiting for them at home.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. something 2 ponder abt :D...gud 2 read u aftr a long time..

    hope 2 hear frm u soon :)

  11. You have focused your attention on such
    relevant issue which has a very serious concern
    to the society.Thanks for the nice presentation.

    My new post awaits you,Jyoti.

  12. Powerful - There is a message to remember between these lines. Very well done Jyoti.

  13. oy yes, we have them as well...put them behind the wheel and it becomes their sword, now bigger they can push and bludgeon their way around...i agree with daydreamer it becomes an extension of their ego for sure...nice rip!

  14. It's so scary, your poem reminded me of the traffic in Cairo - so frightening and chaotic. Like trying to be a pedestrian in NYC. You tell them what's what!

  15. ah - we have them in germany as well...and they never seem to learn...good write..

  16. beautifully crafted.. :)

    Weakest LINK

  17. Haha... that was a fundoo read..
    but seriously, gone are the days when one loved driving, now it's more about saving your arse and reaching home safely..


  18. Rightly said! In fact you've opened up all of their sins. Excellent observation!


  19. .

    Howdy Jyoti? Nice to see you back after a long gap. It's again a beautiful post like the charming face of yours....Smiles.... Honestly speaking youngsters and many elderly people as well they drive like insane. They probably do not understand how precious our lives are. Your post is very inspiring for a lot many people.

    Missed you a lot...Love and hugs....


  20. Wise insightful post!! You are correct about the secret society as they're a threat to all of us who drive on a daily basis. Blessings :)

  21. Yep, it happens everywhere. In Canada though, the penalty is very heavy if you break the laws so people are more courteous and tend to give way so everyone is fine. Except during rush hours ~

    Great to see back ~

    Hope all is well ~

  22. Sounds like the way people drive around here also! Must be universal! Well said! Thank you again!


  23. Well you have hit the nail where it hurts the most. Somehow we have become insensitive even to ourselves and take a no-care attitude while driving. Accidents are on the rise, still we take a blind eye...nice lines & well crafted words!

  24. Streets are a true reflection of the society...stark portrayal.

  25. For those who are interested in the origin of word Android-
    In science fiction literature any artificial human being is 'an android device' 0r 'an android'.The word is also used for artificial devices like mobile operating systems . But if an android is an artificial man then what robot stands for? ROBOTS are metallic in construction while androids in science fiction are made of substances more closely resembling human tissues .
    Literally though Greek word 'andros' means man -appropriately a male human being,hence android being a 'malelike' -this may be a sarcastic post against to those reckless male drivers -a pun intended! what do you say Jyoti? Any explanations??

  26. Rash driving is normally done by young bloods which they learn from hindi films.It is really a great problem on the roads nowadays.

  27. roads are filled with idiots...but driving sanely one can make it one less...
    the problem is any one who can drive thinks that they are the best driver in the world...
    nice message....

  28. just superb.... 100000000000000000 likes..

  29. Your Observation is absolutely spot on.

    Loved reading it.

  30. I wonder if there has ever been a time when life was risk free….
    I guess living involves risk-taking, but reasonable risk…
    Nice poem by the way with a great message :P

  31. @Blasphemous Aesthete: Well I love tht OS too.
    I was not at all relating that with Android OS.
    Well in literal sense Android refers to a robot with human appearance......... so my point was that Humans r no longer driving sanely, instead they r more like android(non-human) drivers lacking all normal humane empathy n sense.

    @DrArvind Mishra: It is not at all referring to a particular danger. By Android I simply meant a non-human person.

  32. A brilliant and timely message. In a city like Delhi it is considered cool to be a reckless driver and if you are following traffic rules and driving safely, people deride you as if you are creature from some other planet. Well expressed..

  33. Jyoti, this is definitely one of your best yet. Have you been to the New York area?...because this is exactly the NORM for drivers around here. This line in particular, 'With Rear view inclined inwards', describes so much of not just driving but the general behavior around here. Keep the observations coming.

  34. Rash driving causes such a fatal accidents. Mohammad Azharuddin's son and his nephew suffered from such crisis. Important lessons dwells in your verses.

  35. Hai.. that's an important post for these days..walking on a road is very difficult in the sense that we need to pay more attention from front and back..

    Its important to be responsible while driving, for you and for all..

    PS: Hi Jyothi, nice blog.. dropped in here for first time..keep up the good work..

  36. This is so true!
    People drive so recklessly, that I'm even scared to cross roads on my own :P
    No one is ever ready to wait, and the honking never stops!

    Very well written :)
    Thank you for your comment :) Glad you liked the post! Do come by again :) Take Care!

  37. very well observed and nicely written post....i think every one out there is in great hurry and has got no time to think otherwise even if it costs to their life......

  38. Well fought, truthteller. Drive your feet.

  39. so very true. great way to say it.

  40. Agree on that recless driving.
    But I think the reason for this to flourish is the lack of discipline added to the lack of enforcing existing laws of driving.

  41. Whatever u say are absolutely true. Some bike riders not even like having rear view mirror which they feel affect there insecure style.

    Your post is a dash to those rash drivers. Well written Jyoti!

  42. i hope that your week is starting well....

  43. and that is so true hope saner drives drive on the road and stop putting themselves and others in danger ...

    Yesterday I pulled a person who was doing 80mph+ on a motorway where the traffic was slowing down because of a earlier accident and this lady was TXTING while driving ...


  44. Nice one Jyotimi. Definitely reminds me of some drivers back home. Though i think the worst offenders are those on motor bikes. They've cost many a pedestrian or hapless customer, a limb or two.

  45. nice observation...

  46. lmao @ 'Android drivers'. Ur choice of words cracks me up Jyo. I loved this post and sure to share it with all my stupid friends who drive ruthlessly and think they are cool drivers.
    I am so bad to have seen this so late... it's not because I saw ur message and came here, I was busy in so many stuff that I couldn't. Keep writing hon. Take care..


  47. A lovely portrayal of the urban mess

  48. every country has such organizations.

    interesting highlight.

  49. Jyoti,

    What I tried to put across in my two posts on this subject, you have made it so clear with this forceful poem. Hope sense prevails in those Android Drivers to understand and change their ways.

    Take care


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