Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blind Faith

We all got fantastic lives but there are times when we face odds and than we seek refuge in "something". This "something" has got infinite names and appearances, however in reality it has no physical existence. 
But we always fall for it and take a leap of faith whenever needed and without an exception every single time we survive. This faith in "something" gives us enormous energy to fight off any possible opponent. 

Apparently, this Blind Faith gives most visible n most felt results. 
Strange but true. 

I wonder 
What's the power behind ??
Which makes us
believe some non-sense.
But we derive 
a sense out of it
and unwind. 
Gather courage
to flip the game 
confusion, chaos 
get it
arranged, aligned.
No one knows
if its illogical 
or creatively designed.
The process,
a mystery 
something beyond
Still we believe it 
like an ardent student 
or I can say it
like a blind.
PS: I am aware of the fact that I'm no longer behaving like a regular blogger, trust me I am not the one who is responsible. Blame my university for that for making my life damn hectic. Will soon visit all of u and read as much as I can. Till than take care n don't think I'm lost :) 


  1. You took the blinders off for this write, no longer leading the blind, it was so good I'm blind..haha..nice piece.

  2. wondering if u got some gyan at 5 AM in d morning tat got u writing immediately ;)..really something nice n 2 ponder abt!!

    TC of urself jyoti..take ur time n write whnvr u get d time..will surely await ur writes :)

  3. Faith has power to trigger positive processes in body and mind. Nice post.

  4. Life is all about making sense out of non-sense you know .. ;)
    And beautifully expressed .. “And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth,
    "You owe me."
    Look what happens with love like that.
    It lights up the sky.”
    ― Rumi

  5. i think true faith is never blind...smiles...just saying...
    hope your life calms down a bit and gives you more breathing space soon..

  6. "Too much faith can also lead to doom." Just a saying. :)

  7. Blind faith is the result of ignorance and lack of realistic thinking.But,true faith develops as the awareness grows.Understanding faith is the understanding of 'shiv',kalyan.

  8. faith is in believing that which we can not yet is not for the faint of heart for sure...if realist i could look at thestate of the world these days and perhaps do something drastic, but faith allows me to see beyond the present circumstances...

  9. I believe in faith that flows from within, and from outside ourself, hard to pinpoint and describe actually.

    Take care of yourself. Education is more important...happy day ~

  10. Indeed, call it blindness or just call it faith, but there has to be something, some entity that drives this courage in our veins that someone is watching over, and ensuring our well being.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. Jyoti,

    I really liked this piece of writing, 'Blind Faith'.
    I find a link with your words which I think applies to many of us in times of need.
    Best wishes, Eileen

    Jyoti, thank you for visiting my Blog and for all your kind comments.
    I am now following your Blog. Eileen

  12. Blind faith works most of the time...probably our heart, or the sub-conscious, knows the best...

    beautifully written...


  13. Jyoti,
    Blind faith often work wonders. Its sustenance can result in surprises. Very deep thoughts!


  14. Absolutely right...I like the way you put this blind faith in a poetic way. !!..

  15. I dont believe there is power behind.. its all within our thoughts. the more we believe the more we start taking things easily and get good results..

    not the power does it. I think so :)

  16. Blind faith. Maybe it is more luck than anything else? Some say we are the image of God. Some say that is not true. We know or are led to believe that God is perfect and does not make any mistakes. Whole religions are based on the perfect God and his perfect creation.

    The last person I met who believed this and that he was perfect also happened to wear glasses. I guess so he could see his eyes were not perfect.

  17. Your shortest one is also one of your best. Keep it up.

  18. @pat: thanks

    @rajesh kumari: thank u mam !!

    @yash: thnk u

    @chinmaya:LOL yeah i got the inspiration in those odd hours :D

    @bhushan: yes it has got enormous power.

    @crystal:I loved that quote. thanks 4 the comment !!

    @claudia: agree in a way... I wish the same !!

    @prateek: yep.. excess of anything is not good.

    @rakesh: I got r point !!

    @Brian: truly said.. faith allows u to see beyond present circumstances.
    It is in a way magical.

    @heaven: thanks n yeah its hard to describe !!

    @Anshul:Fully agree

    @Eileen: Welcome !!
    n thanks :)

    @SUB: Exactly, u got the crux

    @Hank: thank u.

    @Imad:M glad u liked it !!

    @Pramoda: Thoughts are that power which I am talking about in your case.

    @Abraham:Agree.. we all give diff names to it.

    @ria: thank u !!

    @Tom: thank u.

  19. power, the process... i love this as a subject and how you sculpted it.
    much of what i creatively design is illogical:)

  20. personally i feel there is a very thin line between faith and blind faith, bcoz for me, when we start having full faith in something or someone then at some point of time it is bound to become a blind faith.....Thoughtful post.....

    plz do concentrate on ur university activities and take sometime in between for us too....thank you.

  21. Love this post could not be more significant...this is a time when we all need Faith...I love your phrase " The process a Mystery, something beyond mankind"...that is the essense of Faith...even in the Mystery we follow what we can not see and in the doing our Spirits are raised. So happy to see you on Ravenmyt...and like you, I am so far behind on my blog reading. Great post...Always...

  22. I liked each and every lines of the poem and I appreciate the way you have written the poem "Blind Faith". You must have published a book as you are a great poet. I enjoy your every post.

  23. nice post keep up the good work both wriitng and school its all worth it in the end

  24. Faith is ok but Blind Faith needs periodical reviews.

  25. Very true. Always have faith. Keep writing.

  26. a mystic & miraculous fact of human life which , without any symptom, captures one's destiny and only smiles on slavery of man kind.. Interesting..........

  27. I suppose that's why it's called 'blind' faith because we believe in what we can't see but, our faith has us believing.
    A very deep, thought provoking write from you!

  28. is the base of life and the power.

  29. beautifully written.....keep writing....all the best

  30. now thats called blind faith :)
    hope you get some free time :DD

  31. blind faith is all we really can go on, nice write

  32. may be its our inner strength sometime and sometime our faith...which allow us to do blind faith

  33. good one yaar,,,,,,,u alwz rocks,,,,,,keep on writing

  34. Faith is necessary in life to proceed further, but certainly not blind faith. An excellent and deep philosophical thought beautifully expressed.

  35. Fantastic post! But i don't believe in blind faith. we could understand your absent Jyothi :)

  36. An erudite/philosophical poetic post!

  37. i can understand your feelings... some or the other way I'm not able to post something my type for weeks now.. :(

    beautiful post :)

    Weakest LINK

  38. Very nice! Faith can move mountains!

  39. @Ed: Thanks... Welcome here !!

    @Irfan:true very thin line.

    @Raven:glad u loved it :)

    @Babli: Thank u so much. u infuse poitivity in me everytime wid ur comments.

    @stampmouse:Thanks... yeah at the end its worth :)

    @Kunwar: yeah true.. reviews r must.

    @niranjan: thanks !!

    @aravind: very well said. Thanks n welcome !!

    @daydreamer: thanks !!

    @chitra:exactly... u said it all.

    @Sanjay: thank u

    @Deeps: I wish the same !!

    @Christine: thank u... to some extent u r right :)

    @chirag: Agree..

    @magiceye: thanks

    @Dr Sharad: thank u so much !!

    @Aniee: thanks

    @KAilash: thank u so much !!

    @Jeevan: By "Blind" I meant the intensity n depth of faith not illogical.

    @DrArvind:Thanks a lot :)

    @Rachit: u'll come up wid something soon .

    @rahul: yes.. they can !!

  40. I like that bit about flipping the game. Sometimes we do need to change the game if it doesnt turn out the way we would like it to be, isnt it?
    Thanks for your thoughts!

  41. ... नवरात्री की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं....
    आपका जीवन मंगलमयी रहे ..यही माता से प्रार्थना हैं ..
    जय माता दी !!!!!!

  42. thats written beautifully.. have faith n i wish u achieve ur goals. happy navratri :)

  43. Faith in one self and faith in God. Without faith in both we will be nowhere, reach nowhere, achieve nothing. Since God has given us a questioning mind, it doesn't mean that we should misuse it and propagate false information. Age old wisdom should not be questioned but accepted with blind faith. What was good for our forefathers is also good for us. All our questioning has led to advancement but at the same time there is complete breakdown of law and order, terrorism, powerful looting the poor, innocents being killed divorces, infanticide and so on because there are uncouth people who have no fear of God.

    Best wishes,

  44. Love is blind! and Faith is always absolute !

  45. Jyoti,

    It is human nature to turn to God when situation goes against them. Then we start with all kinds of acts to please God for help. That is blind faith. One should not lose faith in first self and then God, if one believes in, at all times. One should face what life throws with calm attitude of HUM HONGE QAMYAAB.

    Take care

    PS : Finally read all beautiful poems and left comments from Freedom or Slave onwards.

  46. Nice job here and thank you for your comment on

  47. That's the beauty of faith. Everybody believes in something different.. but the essence of it and the end results are the same. It is something beyond us... and as much as we would sometimes like to solve the mystery.. its best if we trust blindly! Nice one!

  48. @clariice: m glad u liked it

    @sanjay: Same to u :)

    @anuradha: thanks n same to u


    @joseph:thnk u for this lovely comment

    @zeal: yep u r absolutely right

    @jack: I Loved tht attitude
    thanks a lot uncle for taking time to read all of them.

    @Jim: Welcome !!

    @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: yeah u said it all :)

  49. Life is one mystery which goes on with the strength of faith and belief....lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

  50. Faith helps in tiding over troubles...makes the journey easier..but there is no logic to it.Beautiful weave.

  51. Faith and Hope are the only things that keep us alive and only the one who lives by faith, writes/talks about faith :)

    what fascinates me more is 'what you choose to write about' than 'what' you write.

  52. Faith can move mountains ! Awesome post !

  53. amazing post
    something that make me keep visiting this blog very often in future .


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