Sunday, October 2, 2011

Speech of Silence

Silence brings peace of mind and is good for Introspection. 
Accepted, but it's not always true.
There are some silences which are abhorrent n unwanted. Silence after a fight/energetic arguments, after a scold, after wars, after death.
These versions of silence breaks you down in to pieces and pulverise your lives.  
Silence have numerous dimensions n expressions. It has its own language and speech. Which is universal and trust me can be deciphered without any prior experience. Sometimes silence can bring an end to strong-bonding relations, because none of each side is ready to utter a single word or speak out their issues. 
This silence is disastrous and we should always try to be far far away from this SILENCE whose speech always turns in to somber tunes. 

Absolute Silence.
Lull, an unwanted
Pester and
sinister appearance.
Silence, a state of detention 
an abstract of
numerous dimensions. 
It speaks in volumes
Hiding messages 
n indicts. 
Invites disgust n 
zero delights.

aches a lot. 
Hardly ever welcomed 
like an ugly spot. 
Hissy fit catches you
Silence, a strong catalyst
too tricky to construe. 

have riches of
and variety of shades. 
Its existence
gives cuts 
sharper than blades. 

corrodes  environs.
It finishes u down 
with blustering neurons.
It makes you blind 
an unkind sullen 
riot penetration in mind. 

Undoubtedly, there is a 
which is not bad at all. 
But, above mentioned SILENCE 
can kick u bad and make u fall.

PS: Silence can never be  a solution of any distress or misunderstanding. Speak up n talk. Make noise so that other one can know that things are not yet dead. There is scope of something. Speech of silence will never bear sweet fruits.
मौ के बोल 


  1. Only inner silence ( thoughts & emotions kept aside) brings peace ! in all other instances silence is imperfect or incomplete ..things remain there but in muted condition ! u have beautifully analysed the silence ...

  2. Wow...great thoughts Jyoti...
    sometimes i like silence, that peace, that quietness...
    but u r so right...that lull before , or after, the storm is unwanted...

    Cheers to that!


  3. A lovely poetry. Too much of anything including silence is bad...Many times Silence is Golden!

  4. Very well said Jyoti..this is the other side of silence..the one that haunts and causes one to go into a mind loop...because mine is the only voice I hear...I like your reference to "Silence has riches of vocabulary"...a beautiful dycotomy within that vocabulary in itself promotes speech...yet in silence there is none. I loved this one...always a pleasure to be post up on Ravenmyth..please drop by....

  5. An entirely new interpretation hitherto not read, not contemplated!Silence has always been dignified and glorified! This angle was never so explicitly magnified and explored....great post! deserve all kudos!

  6. Silence
    have riches of
    and variety of shades.
    Its existence
    gives cuts
    sharper than blades. ...loved these lines..

    Jyoti thanks fr ds one...coz now i will b more motivated to speak...m a person who keeps silence bt i hav later realized i shud speak up!

    Well done GAL!

  7. So true, silence is one complex language. Its shades and colors are very difficult to comprehend sometimes.
    Beautifully written!
    One of the best posts i have read today:)

  8. i agree - there is a good silence and a bad silence.. and silence can be a language on its own...always better to talk then to draw back..some really good thoughts in this

  9. Beautifully crafted piece of writing Jyoti and pretty insightful!:)

    However, I like silence. It’s not that bad (though, sometimes it hurts) but as you said it has riches of vocabulary, I think it is worth keeping silence except raising a voice against brutality and injustice.

  10. Hi Jyothi, 'silence' appeals a lot at times..:) ur poem appeals too ..:) very well written

  11. Said with such honest truth.

    Thanks for sharing.
    You have a cool blog.

    The PostMan

  12. Prolonged silence can make man cry as an animal. Poem gives right alarm. A spell of silence is blissful after speaking for three hours :))

  13. silence has a rich vocabulary and a variety of shades...great way to put it...there is def good and bad silence...i like the hush of hte mountain top...but hate the silence of a homes walls...

  14. 'Silence is golden' we often hear, is good if things are heated up. Otherwise it is as what you have brought up wisely, it needs to talked out! Great thinking Jyoti!


  15. Yes, very well said. Different types of silence for different reasons. The angry silences are the ones that eventually, destroy.

    Lovely thoughts and prose.

  16. Lovely versions of silence, Jyoti :)

    I can remember an old proverb right now, - "We must have reasons for speech but we need none for silence"

  17. Silence sure ring through, great piece by you. Now I will stop running my yap, so the silence can continue to fill the gap.

  18. Agreed on what you tried to emphasize herein regarding silence.

  19. I agree with you...sometimes silence is not a good way to cope with many situations. We must speak out.

    But, there are times when silence is the only way to HEAR our intuition, our Creator.

    As always, I love your writing!! Take care.


  20. This piece made me feel the sensation of being silenced, being stifled, constrained. Quite powerful.

  21. beautiful .. silence is golden sometimes :)

    loved the poem


  22. peace of mind is thought of as silence sometimes but its not really, its the absence of anger perhaps but true silence is death.

  23. Silence can be a powerful if leveraged properly.
    You have just properly characterised Silence.

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Feel free to receive it here -

  24. One thing is for sure Dear!
    Your mind defies your biological age!
    Evolved, you are!

  25. Hello.
    Silence is indeed a powerful tool. There are times when silence can be comfortable, but most of the time silence only leads to bad thoughts, resentment & even hatred.

    Insightful post, Jyoti.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Unchain My Heart

  26. nice words as usual...

    yeah it is absolutely right that silence is not a solution for every problem but sometimes silence works well..

  27. @rajneesh: rightly said,

    thanks !!

    @SUB: Cheers !!

    @Rahul: true..


    @Janu: thanks

    @yash: thank u

    @Dr Arvind: m glad u liked

    this new interpretation.

    Thanks !!

    @Mani: It feels great to

    know tht it helped u in a

    bttr way !!

    @Tarunima: Thanks !!

    @Claudia: u said it all.

    Thanks !!

    @tarang: thanks... yes u r

    absolutely right.

    @beingpramoda: thanks..

    @Postman: Welcome on my

    blog. I'm glad u liked my

    Keep in touch !!

    @Bhusan: true sir...

    @Brian: I hate tht silence


    @hank: yes it needs to b

    talked !!

    @Daydreamertoo: thank u

    @Sourav: lovely quote u

    shared. Thanks !!

    @Crystal: Smiles, Thanks !!

    @Patt: It filled the gap :)
    LOL thanks !!!

    @magiceye: thanks !!

    @Kunwar: Smiles :)

    @Krishna: thanks

    @Nico: yep in those times

    silence can prove to b a

    effective tool.

    @Kim: thank u :)

    @bikram: thank.. m glad u

    loved it.

    @Gourav: thanks !!

    @rivercat: very well said


    @clariice: true.. n many

    thanks for the award !!

    @Ashish: I am confused.. this is good or bad ??

    @Andy: thanks !!

    @Ravi: yep but only sometimes :)

  28. very well written..
    thanx for posting

  29. great read. silence is a challenge and a gift. silence has driven me insane and i have welcomed silence other times more than anything else. it finishes you down alright. i really like that.

  30. So true...and very well written. I too feel silence is not always golden.

  31. very true...but sometimes silence is needed :) great work :)

  32. Silence is golden only when everything has been said, when the levels of spiritual energy are balanced.
    Otherwise you've written it well, it is a poison, a prison. It can kill you.
    Thanks for another powerful piece.

  33. awesome... silence... it speaks loud at times...

  34. silence has always been golden :)..n ur work is a step more than that-PLATINUM B-)

  35. Communication is always the key for any misunderstandings. It's good to open up.

  36. You have a great articles. Thanks for sharing. And dont forget to visit me back at here

  37. Great thoughts Jyoti...This is a stunning piece of writing!

    Take care

    Short Poems

  38. Silence. Ah silence. I have tried many times to put this aching silence into words but never really good. And after reading this I am going to stop trying. I no longer feel the need to. You have down such a beautiful job. Now I am going to go back and read it again. Ah.

  39. silence...khamoshi
    kai baatein kah jati hain
    kabhi isame jindagi sama jati hain
    to kabhi maut bhi is roop mein aati hain

  40. Silence
    have riches of
    and variety of shades.
    Its existence
    gives cuts
    sharper than blades.
    ....Very powerful and thought provoking depiction of silence. Very sensitive...touches ur wishes.

  41. My favorite line
    "..Silence, a strong catalyst
    too tricky to construe"

    Silence when I am faced with is awkward but silence has helped me tackle many difficult situations. Silence has saved me from problems, Silence has calmed my mind, it has avoided silly fights and has always made me want more. But it is so different each time! Some times I desperately want it and other times I despise it.

    Love how you write Jyo. So touchy and so powerful.

    Lots of Love and Happy Dussehra <3 :)

  42. happy thursday...hope you are having a great week!

  43. Beautiful words on an important topic.

  44. I am speechless and enjoying silence within reading your superb presentation Jyoti j..i.

    Already commented on your Hindi blog.
    Please,don't mind if I call you Jyoti
    more than once.Your presentation forces
    me to call your name again and again
    out of my enjoyment only.

    Best wishes to you on Vijayadashmi.

  45. My mother said, "Silence is golden."

    Nobody ever hears it but some come close, alone, late at night, the sound of nothing until a distant train whistle reminds you that you are human.

  46. Silence itself is a very negative word but its impact is always huge...sometimes silence can be taken as to take things to be granted and sometimes the opposite. Its a double edged sword....lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

  47. Everything has a negative and positive aspect; and it’s in our hand to choose which. So true that many a time being silence won’t work than expressing esp. when in grief sharing by words only let know others what we go through. Silence is a phase in the peace process only possible when mind cooperates. Very nice post and I liked the dimension you took about silence. :)

  48. Write hard talk hard though silence is good too, and often speaks for itself

  49. A wonderful message, well rpesented!

  50. I like the way you write. Came through Gooseberry Garden...I wrote on my blog sometime back that Silence is one word that itself speaks so much.. do visit my page here for silence..

    Inviting you to have a look at some of the posts..

  51. good topic upon which to write a poem!
    you say a lot here too. ....not being silent ;-)
    silence is a form of communication...your poem makes this clear...oft-times, a very negative form.
    it's the unknown and the imaginary speculation that 'boils' and embroils.
    I like the line '' Its existence gives cuts sharper than blades'' great line.
    Thought provoking and interesting piece.
    good writing. thank you.

  52. "These versions of silence breaks you down in to pieces and pulverise your lives." Beautiful line.

  53. Hey my friend have also written a similar themed poem once...check it...


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