Saturday, October 22, 2011

Unfortunate Stories

Modern World... age of Science & Technology, Shopping Malls, Sky scrappers, Internet, Social Networking. Space programs to other planets and their moons, new energy techniques....Sounds so fancy n COOL. We feel proud how our country and other countries are progressing. Sometimes we think, what we see n read in Science-fiction movies n books can become reality.May be someday we'll plan our holidays on Jupiter. 
But Stall for a moment... stop there.
There exist a parallel world which is exact opposite of what you just read. More than 40% of population is living in inhabitable conditions.... Some are victims of Nature and many are victims of Human race's actions n rejections. An acerbic reality. 
To witness it or catch a glimpse of it... it is not at all necessary to go to an under developed African Nation or  a disaster prone area. You can get a fair idea by just getting out of your comfort zone.

Thing is we see those unlucky creatures strolling around us on daily basis..... but given the insensitivity/resistance we have developed, for us they r either negligible or just a spot in the beautification of city.
We are so much engrossed in our own lives that things like welfare, help,charity sounds too trivial to do or even to think. 
An unfortunate Story:
 This is the story of a man who has lost his entire family in Tsunami and it goes like this-
Flood Victim !!
Devastated, destroyed
his dreams were.
With his family swept in waves
he was wandering in nowhere.
Homeless n clueless 
numb as a beggar. 
Tsunami swept
his family before
He survived
but, he wasn't alive anymore. 

Wiring of his head
faulted n messed up.
Millions like others
He too is a Lost Cause.
A Nobody who is screwed up. 
Day-Night, Week and Months  
now tricks his brain
like a cataleptic 
he doesn't know 
What is When ??

Zillions of similar stories with variations can be traced... It was just a single instance...
Another unfortunate story: 
A story of a 21st century well-educated Human Being. Fetching decent amount of salary and living life in full swing. It goes like this-

21st century professional.

In 21st Modern Century 
only Me, Myself and I are cared
who gives a shit about Rest.. 
They are God's property 
How can someone like Me can invest
my money, my time
I am already pressed
self-molested n distressed. 

Things like
Care, help, sympathy, charity 
are in my list of detest. 
I am living in a world 
developed n well-progressed. 
In which only people other than ME
are eligible, should be contacted 
and addressed. Because
Welfare, Altruism are not the type of clothes
in which a person like ME can get dressed. 

Now tell me Which story was more unfortunate ??
 Tragedy lies in both. But which one was gross.Which poses more danger ?? 

PS: In my last post Beware-Incredibly Contagious many of my friends suggested that "Smile" and "Happiness" too are equally contagious. This is to tell them that Yeah you guys are absolutely right and please "Be the carrier of this diseases :P  
बदनसीब कहानियां 


  1. hey,
    firstly you have an amazingly different style of writing i have ever come across.! :)
    and i think both the stories are equally gross one blames the nature the other the man ( in the sense of the human mind buildup)
    yes charity sounds trivial but only to those who have never received help/ charity. ask a 10 yr old child who did not for 7 days and he will tell how it feels to be helped..! :)
    its a beautiful post made me ponder..! :)

  2. Both have their equal amount of disgust, but I'd prob go with the second, greed seems to keep amounting and they know the first is there, but just don't care.

  3. I see so much maturity of thoughts in your lovely reads. It forces us to see that how the theory of 'karma' may be at work in the two grossly different situations! One a creation of god another that of a man

  4. An eye opener account inviting people to go for introspection to make the world a place for better living for all and not for few privileged only.
    Kudos for the both content and style of the post!

  5. अंदर तक झकझोर देती है आपकी यह कविता।

    दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ!
    कल 24/10/2011 को आपकी कोई पोस्ट!
    नयी पुरानी हलचल पर लिंक की जा रही हैं.आपके सुझावों का स्वागत है .

  6. Thoughtful post!!

    Both are equally unfortunate, especially the former :(

  7. hard hitting post! unfortunately both are equally tragic!

  8. Awesome post. It really mekes You think more and more.

    Both are tragic situations. But God is there who is with everyone and everywhere.

  9. Deep post, Jyoti. Coincidentally, I've found myself in both camps, but not to the extreme of either of the folks mentioned above. Once again, you've given us a lot to think about.

    And I like the new look of the blog. I'll have to pick your brain sometime about how you did it.

  10. A sad & thought provoking composition indeed.

  11. सार्थक व सटीक लेखन ...।
    प्रकाश पर्व( दीपावली ) की आप तथा आप के परिजनों को मंगल कामनाएं.

  12. A thought provoking one.....

    i think in the rat race of our hectic life schedule we just don't have time for all such things to think about....actually its not only these two but if we try we will find the same stories around each of us...but who has time n who cares.....

  13. Unfortunately success comes with a little sorrow and sorrow comes with no ending.
    Post with a substance I'd say.

  14. Very good treatment Jyoti! Tragedy comes in different forms and at unguarded moments. Great sorrow comes along with it. You showed it brilliantly!


  15. Both stories relate our world tragedies, so well, different settings, same outcome. Powerful one again - I really love the way you express yourself.

  16. All too often folks become too busy and successful to have time for others who are not so fortunate. One doesn't have to go across the globe to find misery as it's in every city known to man. Open thy eyes, open thy heart and the world will become a much better place!!

  17. With technology and with how desensitized we've become to other human's suffering, 'as long as it's not in my back yard' we seem to not care anymore. Victims are left homeless to wander and depend on charity and now, the charity is drying up because everyone is feeling the pinch of loosing jobs and of having homes taken away.
    It's a dog eat dog world now in which only the strong will survive and everyone worships a new God called Money! If you have lots of it, you're ok. If not, you need to make sure you get some any way that you can. We have forgotten the core reason for our existing which is... to become love.
    Great, thought provoking post.

  18. Jyoti,

    Read all pending posts. Silence is a very effetive weapon. I agree with you that one should use silence in positive way, like for introspection but not for adding fuel to fire. But when there is an argument which is getting out of hand it is better to be silent than to let tempers fly. I agree that anger, annoyance or frustration have adverse affect on everyone and spreads fast. One should avoid it as much as one can. Out of these two stories, I feel second is more devastating as that kind of attitude will lead to negative world. First one is very sad but nothing could be done against the fury of nature while in second case it is self inflicted injury.

    Take care

    PS : Mail?

  19. I don't know what to say and tsunami is a nature disaster which is not in our hand... but hands that lacks to lean help when possible is the really disaster created my human which is avoidable easily.

    I quite agree with your thoughts... It cause a lot of sense to make us think and i greatly value u r thoughts and that too from a modern age IT young. You are outstanding from other! Have a Wonderful Diwali Jyoti :)

  20. greetings, how are you?

    award notice, enjoy,

    simply insert it to your poem, nominate another poet you know for week 55,

    submit a poem to week 54, have fun.
    valued your participation.

  21. nice! i am digging the header...and that second verse unfortunately is all too real...self molested, wow what a line...daydreamertoo hit the nail on this head...

  22. yes - the second one is far more dangerous and far more sad than the first even if we wouldn't think on first sight...some thought provoking lines here..thanks..

  23. Hello.
    Both are tragic stories, equally sad, but I find the second one even more gross...too much of a self-loving narcissist to care about anybody but himself. Where is the love in his heart...that does't cost anything!

    A thought-provoking post indeed, Jyotmi.
    Well done!

    Thanks for sharing & for your visits & comments. They are always appreciated.

    BTW - I like the new header (smile).

    Undress Me With Your Sultry Eyes

  24. ..nice piece of work..jyoti..
    ..i have always liked d way u write..
    ..keep it up..bday gal..
    ..d world is indeed ur ' oyster '.. :) ;)

  25. ah... wonderful post. It makes me think of history and how slowly the world does seem to get better S L O W L Y

  26. I would say the both are equally unfortunate except for the fact that 1st one did not leave the man any choice(me so sorry for him) and in the 2nd story it is purely his choice! Sad

  27. we certainly do live in a different world that the one promoted by the corporate news stations. the tippy top of the trash pile is a nice place to live, but the intense poverty for so many created by the men at the top cannot be acknowledged becuz it's a natural part of the system.

  28. Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali.
    Its an extreme tragedy in both the cases. Tsunami was a natural disaster and thousands of innocent people lost their lives.

  29. Love the new look, and i find the first story more tragic...btw, Happy diwali dear!! :)

  30. well..i think helping somebody is always desirable and should be done and no amount of help is unwanted or trivial... beautiful described two very different lives and two very different tragedies...very thought provoking post... keep writing :)

  31. Both the stories are very well written.
    One minute our life is normal, and then it all falls apart..

    You have portrayed both of them very well!

    Happy Diwali to you :)

    Take Care!

  32. I appreciate the way you describe the things.
    Wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

  33. Wow,i was overwhelmed by this post.The two are very unfortunate.They both are stories of the things that are obtainable these days and it's really sad.This was a deep one Jyoti.

  34. I have no words to express my emotions,Jyoti.
    May God bless you.
    Wish you all the best always.
    Pl.,continue to express your positive thoughts.

  35. i hope you have a wonderful weekend....

    thanks for the continual eye opener of this as well....

  36. I am sad to see this part of our in poverty and despair. I know it well too ~

    Hope all is well with you.. and thanks for sharing these ~

  37. I guess our in-humanity in any situation and tendency to look back in a devastating situation is a gross mistake...Life is a swing where you both have your good times and the bad times...we often forget the same sin we are committing today can return back to us one day, if we are only concerned about ourselves and not for the overall betterment of our society.

  38. @suvaiba: thank u...

    @pat: exactly this"don't care" attitude is a gross mistake.

    @rahul bhatiya: exactly karma is the force behind ... Thanks !!

    @Arvind Mishra: thanks

    @santosh trivedi: thanks

    @yash: happy diwali to u too... thanks for liking n tagging me

    @vyanktesh: thanks

    @magiceye: yeah both r tragic.. thanks

    @Imad: yeah true.. God is there !!

    @Tom: thanks !!!

    @tarang: yeah it is sad :( thanks !!

    @sanjay: same to u n thanks

    @irfan: true... this "Who cares" attitude is root of all causes

    @prateek: thank u

    @hank: thanks

    @chinmaya: thanks

    @marieharmony: thanks... really appreciate that u like it.

    @david: great msg u have given... thanks david !!!

    @daydreamertoo: true its "Dog eat dog world" but thank god we have some exceptions too.

    @Jack uncle: thanks for reading them all :)

    @jeevan: true it is avoidable... but lack of will is all around
    thanks !!

    @promising poets: thanks for the award

    @Brian: glad u liked the new header :D Thanks

    @claudia: thank u !!

    @Andy: glad u like the new look... thanks !!

    @riggs: thank u so much :)

    @rivercat: true SLOWLY :P

    @shruti: yep both r tragic... thanks

    @Ed: I agree wid u

    @Babli: happy diwali to u too :) thanks

    @ria: thanks honey... really glad u liked it.

    @Israr: thanks !!

    @philo: thanks n same to u !!

    @kunwar kushumesh: happy diwali to u too n thanks !!

    @A-9ja-great: thank u

    @Brian: yeah I had a lovely weekend :)

    @Kalyan: true its all "karma"

  39. Very touching insensitive we have become...excellent creation

  40. Really good one. i like it. Thank you for sharing.

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