Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Distractions all around !!
Distractions Are Strong 
Diverting, Bifurcating
Swinging and Altering
my mood
to destroy the desires
I was focusing on....

Distractions Are Cool 
Tempting, Inciting
Provoking and Attracting
my heart
to stop the act
I was working on...

Distractions Enunciate
Disseminates and propagates
at great speed
very soon
try to take over as a
my vital needs...

Repulsion Inevitable
all i can say
always gonna follow
as June after May
this is a tiring process
happens every day
i need to deal with it
in every possible way

Monday, December 13, 2010

Socially My Mental Unbound

the intense rage i feel, whn u r around
cannot express it
coz i m
socially bound

spit it out, wanna go insane
cannot say it
coz i m
physically sane

ohh wat a dirt u r , highly contagious
cannot prove it
coz it'll be
fundamentally outrageous

too sticky u r, an ultimate blockhead
cannot avoid u
coz it'll
legally look bad

highly inert u r, massively dumb
cannot declare it
coz u r
simply scum

so much irritating u are, badly awful
cannot disclose it
coz i m
really lil bashful

so confused and gaga u r, literally a birdbrain
cannot claim it
coz i m
actually humane

the anger inside me, one day u will hear its sound
and then u will found
coz i will do
my mental unbound

i dnt knw hw u gonna end
u will remain same
gonna change, or end up
as dry sand

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why They Do It, We Don't Know

Why they do it, We don't know
know only, they have brain which executes low
low is their genius, pity tricks they play
play with our hearts, which 100 times they slay
slay our smiles, cheers and happiness
happiness hurts them, they envy our braveness
braveness looks arrogance in their mind
mind, which is busy in making plots to have us bind
bind us in hooks and chains of their filthy orders
orders to confine us in some borders
borders can never confine us, they don't know
know only, we are still kids as if we don't grow
grow enough we are, to give you all a blowww


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