Monday, December 13, 2010

Socially My Mental Unbound

the intense rage i feel, whn u r around
cannot express it
coz i m
socially bound

spit it out, wanna go insane
cannot say it
coz i m
physically sane

ohh wat a dirt u r , highly contagious
cannot prove it
coz it'll be
fundamentally outrageous

too sticky u r, an ultimate blockhead
cannot avoid u
coz it'll
legally look bad

highly inert u r, massively dumb
cannot declare it
coz u r
simply scum

so much irritating u are, badly awful
cannot disclose it
coz i m
really lil bashful

so confused and gaga u r, literally a birdbrain
cannot claim it
coz i m
actually humane

the anger inside me, one day u will hear its sound
and then u will found
coz i will do
my mental unbound

i dnt knw hw u gonna end
u will remain same
gonna change, or end up
as dry sand

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