Thursday, April 28, 2011

Existence !!

We live, We survive
Always try to do right 
Avoiding failures, Escaping defeats
What we do, is cooling the heat

We pray, we beg
Always seeking help
From the divine power
To straighten the paths
Of our wants and desires

We suppress, we express
Always bend things our way 

Ever neglecting, What others got to say
This is the existence we make 

Act like grown ups
We forget the innocence and our base !!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trying to Find ?

I searched it in every block
every corner, it hides
tried even in void
still I can't find 

leaves me distorted behind
disoriented, struggling to find
intensity of desperation, 
making me blind
But, Question is ?
I still can't find

I keep on finding 
until I realize
its gone for forever
gonna find it- never

But its still there 
deep down inside
Its there in dormant form
playing with me 
Seek and Hide
at the point, where
belief and reality Coincides...

Friday, April 1, 2011

VIRUS in my life.

A Virus creeping in
Replicating with high-speed
affecting Self-log-in

Zillions of lines, it executes
Mutating my storage, it pollutes
Its so insane and brute
But I keep on compute, To maintain
my Status and repute.

Errors pops-up, highlighting mistakes
Clicking "Refresh", I try to retake
Debugging all around for my own sake
It shakes me up, though I remake.

Life is a database
I can add, edit and delete
Whatever is worrying me
I can make it obsolete.

Troubleshooting all my problems
Compressing all my pains
Zipping all the pressure
Trashing outta domain
Customized my brain
To perform humane
properly installed to fetch only gains.

Just googled a s/w, gonna download all the glee
Glee so heavy, that will make this VIRUS flee
Primary or secondary
Now I don't worry
To make my life bug free
is now as easy as counting 1,2,3....


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