Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trying to Find ?

I searched it in every block
every corner, it hides
tried even in void
still I can't find 

leaves me distorted behind
disoriented, struggling to find
intensity of desperation, 
making me blind
But, Question is ?
I still can't find

I keep on finding 
until I realize
its gone for forever
gonna find it- never

But its still there 
deep down inside
Its there in dormant form
playing with me 
Seek and Hide
at the point, where
belief and reality Coincides...


  1. lol hold on boy !!
    it ain't abt any luck star :)
    this is in memory of my dead dog, whom i was missin lyk hell :(

  2. Of what I have read, this is the one I feel the most. It is such a familiar emotion.

    "Seek and Hide
    at the point, where
    belief and reality Coincides"

    I love this so. It will be bouncing around in my head for cays now. It is odd, but the 3-4 time I read it, it was like a song, some serenade full of sorrow. OH!

  3. wat was tat u were searching??.. ;)..hope u found it!!

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