Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Distractions all around !!
Distractions Are Strong 
Diverting, Bifurcating
Swinging and Altering
my mood
to destroy the desires
I was focusing on....

Distractions Are Cool 
Tempting, Inciting
Provoking and Attracting
my heart
to stop the act
I was working on...

Distractions Enunciate
Disseminates and propagates
at great speed
very soon
try to take over as a
my vital needs...

Repulsion Inevitable
all i can say
always gonna follow
as June after May
this is a tiring process
happens every day
i need to deal with it
in every possible way

Monday, December 13, 2010

Socially My Mental Unbound

the intense rage i feel, whn u r around
cannot express it
coz i m
socially bound

spit it out, wanna go insane
cannot say it
coz i m
physically sane

ohh wat a dirt u r , highly contagious
cannot prove it
coz it'll be
fundamentally outrageous

too sticky u r, an ultimate blockhead
cannot avoid u
coz it'll
legally look bad

highly inert u r, massively dumb
cannot declare it
coz u r
simply scum

so much irritating u are, badly awful
cannot disclose it
coz i m
really lil bashful

so confused and gaga u r, literally a birdbrain
cannot claim it
coz i m
actually humane

the anger inside me, one day u will hear its sound
and then u will found
coz i will do
my mental unbound

i dnt knw hw u gonna end
u will remain same
gonna change, or end up
as dry sand

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why They Do It, We Don't Know

Why they do it, We don't know
know only, they have brain which executes low
low is their genius, pity tricks they play
play with our hearts, which 100 times they slay
slay our smiles, cheers and happiness
happiness hurts them, they envy our braveness
braveness looks arrogance in their mind
mind, which is busy in making plots to have us bind
bind us in hooks and chains of their filthy orders
orders to confine us in some borders
borders can never confine us, they don't know
know only, we are still kids as if we don't grow
grow enough we are, to give you all a blowww

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Land Me somewhere; but than Don't Send Me Anywhr

In between the walls of odds
I stand in the mid of nowhere
Begging in raspy voice to the angels in sky
To land me somewhere

Decaying these distracting thoughts
I ordered sickness to move out
I painted my copper face with pinky glow
I witnessed the flashes of success throughout

Want to feel the shades of luxury
To shed the skin of fugitive or escapee
To enjoy the power of shuffling with emotions
To change my autumn; as time unlocks a new Me

Resting within the ambiance of even
I managed to stand somewhere
Wishing in silent voice to the angels in sky
Now don't send me anywhere

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Its not my mistake; i mapped out a square

When I design a Square
What they see, is a Triangle
Disoriented in their own worlds
Never perceived my Angle
Pendulum in their minds; all time Dangles

Maybe I'm too stoned to care
Maybe wires in my head are too tangled
Maybe I'm tough nut to crack
But who cares
I'm fully oppositely Angled :)

Ambiance is fake all around
So are the faces and talks
People always miss one arm in my square
Then they carp and grumble, I speak dire 
Its not my mistake I mapped out a square
Its the others haste, that they get the triangle.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Chapter of MY life.

This Chapter of my life
So colorful, so bright
Thousands of rainbows, hiding inside
Trying to reach,  the endless heights
Oceans of emotions in every line
Nothing goes wrong, everything is fine
Toil is penchant in my eyes
Trying to touch the limitless sky

Page by page, it goes on
Hiccups by hiccups, it moves on
This chapter of my life
So colorful,so bright !!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Invisible handcuffs holds me..

Invisible handcuffs holds me..
pushes me back
whenever i tried to be free

Freedom I enjoy is superficial
seems real but
full of twists and pure fictonal

Suppress myself, to be someone else
every single moment, gives feeling
as I am standing on edge and fence

I get the things, but not the way I want
this irritates me, eats me
inevitably it always haunts

storm of desires, I deny
it corrodes me inside
for all the emoticons I hide

for the people around
I imitate the smile, I used to have
to act normal, pretending brave

I don't know, when it gonna end
but I keep on moving ahead, instead
sitting idle and behaving as dead.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everytime I went close...

Every time I went close
god's grace
I always got a heavy dose

World is fake;I got it now
wanna go back, but don't know How ?

Expectations, DEsires; are cute as poison
you die trying, but you can't outrun

you trusted them, but they never made it
far inside, you somehow knew it

Every time U went close
god's grace
u got a heavy heavy dose !!


Monday, October 11, 2010

I wish

I wish I can live these moments again !!!
desperate to regain
such pleasure again !!

those sweet lies, we often crack
crazy enough ( for some)to get heart attack

gravity of irritation, we cause others
they wish, to meet our great mothers

its what you deserve, you crazy nuts
always annoyed us, with ifs and buts

its our time, to kick your asses
better check out, your frozen faces

I just wish to live these moments again !!
desperate to regain
such pleasure again !!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ιтѕ нαя∂..... $๏๓єtเ๓єs

Its hard to say sometimes
what you feel inside
the web you create around
no one like to perceive its sound

O'erloaded with anticipation
useless calculations
amateur permutations
leading self-exploitation

Have vibes, you need a steel armour
to shield your flesh, from overwhelming power
crossing this, long lonely hour
to reach, top of the tower

Its better not to say sometimes
what you feel from inside
the world you have created around
you can clearly hear its sound.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I just pretend, but I'm not

Burden of words, i never said
Art of heart, I never had
Insensitive I am, all of 'em thought
hard to explain that....

I just pretend, but I'm not.

Symptoms of anger, there in the eyes
Things I lack is; giving replies
cold-blooded I'm, all of 'em thought
hard to explain that....

I just pretend, but I'm not.

Added incentive of being insensitive
Any time, revert things, and start fresh and positive
Thick-skinned I'm, all of 'em thought
hard to explain that....

I just pretend, but I'm not.
I just pretend, but I'm not.

Friday, September 24, 2010

a child in my heart... it just restarts.

There is a child in my heart,
never wants to be torn apart

Loves without faults
in return,
love is what it always wants

Full of expectations,
celebrations and
so it averse dejections.

There is a child in my heart,
which never wants to depart.

Eagerness bouncing out
every second,
a novel question sprouts.

No emotional mutation
rare deviation,
god's accurate calculation.

There is a child in my heart
after every mistake, it just restarts.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Start Dreamin! !

sitting, thinking than start dreaming
that how you wanna life to be
wishing, planning than start working
to get those dreams in reality :) 

ohh! ! u work hard, day and night
give your best to make things right

sometimes up, sometimes down
few are the days,  you start to frown

hmm! ! ur mind shakes, but not your hopes
you are master in (how to cope) ! !

and again,
sitting, thinking than start dreaming
that how you wanna life to be
wishing, planning than start working
to get those dreams in reality :)

My Room

open drawers, hanging clothes
revolving fan, and no sign of vain

your books, your papers
it is only 'you' here, who matters

this is your space, you simply rest
got nothing to chase, no burden on the chest

you scream, you laugh, you cry
to this place its hard to say good-bye

I know it sounds bit hi-fi
but i find my room, better than heaven in sky! !

Celebration Of Pain

Soul burning in torrents of fire
eyes crying ocean, dead is desire
gloomy filthiness surrounds you
around the clock, you only sense blue

then you reckon
it ain't end
you are not weak
you can't bend

so to decay these brewing thoughts
you faux a smile
in celebration of pain
you wanna cry river in rain

now you sports a mask to hide these virtual scars
celebration go on, so your fight against this war! !

So Dear Sleepless Disaster U Need A Nap !!! >>>

feelin fragile, can even bent in a slight jerk
feelin aweful, will cry even in a smirk

eyes heavy, as if bearin burden of tonnes
head heavy, as if gt a shot of gunn

limbs achin, lyk u hv jst crossed sahara
dn hav strength, to write even a para(paragraph)

all these symptoms culminates one thing
u get, in your sleep, countless ping
so dear sleepless disaster u need a nap
before u convert yourself in a shit crap !!!


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