Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Land Me somewhere; but than Don't Send Me Anywhr

In between the walls of odds
I stand in the mid of nowhere
Begging in raspy voice to the angels in sky
To land me somewhere

Decaying these distracting thoughts
I ordered sickness to move out
I painted my copper face with pinky glow
I witnessed the flashes of success throughout

Want to feel the shades of luxury
To shed the skin of fugitive or escapee
To enjoy the power of shuffling with emotions
To change my autumn; as time unlocks a new Me

Resting within the ambiance of even
I managed to stand somewhere
Wishing in silent voice to the angels in sky
Now don't send me anywhere

1 comment:

  1. feels d shade of luxury....!!!send me to heaven..!!so that i managed to stand somewer..!!

    m sure u will managed to stand wer u can feel d shade of luxury..!!


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