Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Chapter of MY life.

This Chapter of my life
So colorful, so bright
Thousands of rainbows, hiding inside
Trying to reach,  the endless heights
Oceans of emotions in every line
Nothing goes wrong, everything is fine
Toil is penchant in my eyes
Trying to touch the limitless sky

Page by page, it goes on
Hiccups by hiccups, it moves on
This chapter of my life
So colorful,so bright !!


  1. II para..first line...__no one can understand d silence of ocean either sea..!!!

    and generally people use step by step..u used a diff. word Hiccups by hiccups..!!

  2. well rightly said.. silence is unfathomable !!

  3. बहुत ही बढि़या ....।

  4. This chapter of my life
    So colorful,so bright
    god bless you......


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