Thursday, October 21, 2010

Invisible handcuffs holds me..

Invisible handcuffs holds me..
pushes me back
whenever i tried to be free

Freedom I enjoy is superficial
seems real but
full of twists and pure fictonal

Suppress myself, to be someone else
every single moment, gives feeling
as I am standing on edge and fence

I get the things, but not the way I want
this irritates me, eats me
inevitably it always haunts

storm of desires, I deny
it corrodes me inside
for all the emoticons I hide

for the people around
I imitate the smile, I used to have
to act normal, pretending brave

I don't know, when it gonna end
but I keep on moving ahead, instead
sitting idle and behaving as dead.


  1. I just pretend,but I'm not...!!!
    really ur scribblings are amazing...!!!
    and d last two line ""keep on moving....behaving as dead""
    are motivating...!!
    keep up d good work..!!

  2. thnx for the lovely comment !!


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