Sunday, October 10, 2010

ιтѕ нαя∂..... $๏๓єtเ๓єs

Its hard to say sometimes
what you feel inside
the web you create around
no one like to perceive its sound

O'erloaded with anticipation
useless calculations
amateur permutations
leading self-exploitation

Have vibes, you need a steel armour
to shield your flesh, from overwhelming power
crossing this, long lonely hour
to reach, top of the tower

Its better not to say sometimes
what you feel from inside
the world you have created around
you can clearly hear its sound.


  1. IInd para word enidin with -ion gr8 rhyming

  2. yeah !!
    it sounds nice, whn read in speed :)

  3. xactly....i too read it in a speedy way..and realyy it sounds aswum..:)
    ur scribbling are amazing dear..!!


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