Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Collateral Damage

War gives you a horrible feeling that -"Winning a war is as disastrous as loosing one".
Results of a war are disastrous.. millions of lives gone and what left is generations of grief and sorrow. We grew up playing video games like "Medal of honors", "Call of duty", "Gears of war" and so many others. We enjoy them a lot but reality is far far away from fun or enjoyment. With war comes COLLATERAL DAMAGE. Poor lives of war-ridden areas will give you clear picture of what kind of damage war brings. 

Ernest Hemingway says -- "They wrote in the old days that it is sweet and fitting to die for one's country.  But in modern war there is nothing sweet nor fitting in your dying.  You will die like a dog for no good reason but Collateral Damage." 

Tanks, Snipers,
Armed Helicopters
Demolition Bombs, Rocket Launchers.
Shaking grounds, thumps of
marching platoons.
In reality it is scary
only looks good
in video games n cartoons.

Soldiers with body armors
moving in perfect line.
Chaos every where
an abominable lull
nothing looks benign.
Shattered homes,
pulverized lives,
lost n crushed hopes
malice and malign.

On the name of power shift,
political gains and orders.
They drop, catastrophe
on millions of lives of others.
Instructions conceived, designed
in an AC room.
To wreak havoc,
and spell of dooms.

Large populace of the world
living in refugee camps.
Dreadful lifestyle
they were forced to attempt.
Babies in the belly, in the hands
fasting daily, a fashion
a forced trend.

No one is responsible
for the causalities
as each party is a sage.
Inculpable residents
enclosed in a
country-sized cage.
In this mayhem
they have no reservation
or a mark like Under-age.

Real masters are hiding
somewhere far away
undercover n backstage.
These poor, worthless
people are nothing but
Collateral Damage.
Collateral Damage.
गेहूं के साथ पिसते घुन

Monday, August 22, 2011

Time flies

"Time flies on restless pinion.. With unimaginable speed"  ~Friedrich Schiller

From few days back I've been reading Indian history and eventually I realized that time travels with a great speed. Its like a flick of a second and a full series of events occur in the whole world. Single human life looks like a speck when compared to the rich, diverse and highly colored history of mankind. Historians say earth is just few years old and this forged an idea in my mind that time just flies. Time can act as a great teacher in our lives. We can learn a lot from our past. It teaches us numerous tricks to excel in the events ahead.

With nay anticipations 
events betides on the life scale. 
When you look back
they are mere
anecdotes or 
nanny's tales.

Time flies with turbo-speed.
You gaze that tree
from your window
which was once a seed.
Life is short 
smithereens of Kalpa.
It's just few years back 
When we were 
natives of Harappa

Mouryans flourishing.
A new culture, new era 
to partake. 
Buddha delivering speech 
Making us awake.
Guiding, to realize our 
sins and mistakes. 

Ashoka the Great
Jack of all trades. 
He was crowned sometimes back.
From the acumen of Akbar
Even "great" ones
were taken aback. 

Ohhhh, for few days 
misfortune was profound.
Shackled and slaved 
every Indian was found. 
We fought a long battle 
In minds, as well as on grounds. 

And the day came
when world was astound.
gaiety and happiness 
all round.
Time flies, without making a sound. 
A venerable teacher 
for intellective unbound. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Independent, Free But "SLAVES"

“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”
On 15 Aug we celebrated our Independence Day and country is in a mood of furor. We all talking corruption, freedom of speech, expression, protests blah, blah... 
But real freedom is freedom of thought. Free from biases, prejudices and here we are still chained and doomed. Slaves of misery, differences, ego, attitudes. 
This post deals with such conflicts of Freedom. 
We all are damn good finger-pointers always have a finger ready to point at others.

Freedom, from all bounds
roam around
roar like a lion
fly like a bird
move, run, play
in happiest surrounds.

Everyone speaks,
defines freedom
in its own
philosophical way.
Freedom, is what
we demand, we pray.

But we are still slaved
independent, free slaves

Slaves of "What others will say ??"
We fight non-stop for array
of decorum, of status
chicanery Display
But We still say..
We are free
We are masters
We direct our plays.

Slaves of "Ego"
which burns, runs
in our nerves n veins
Its so painful to see
others happy
It gives goosebumps
and it haunts as moral strains. 

Slaves of "Desires"
borne in our brains.
Makes us, inhuman pleasure-seekers
when We forget others
their plight, their dire conditions
deep drowned
in only our own selfish aspirations.

Slaves of "Fashion"
in mysterious ways
polluting, adulterating
our attitudes
speech, attire
our gallants n parades.
and we are proud
of this slavery
flaunt it
at every corner
in every possible ways.

Slaves of "Money"
for which sometimes
filthy, dirty tricks we play
to satisfy our
never-ending thirst
of power and display.
yet we never have
sense of malefaction,
transgression or dismay.

We are independent, free Slaves :P
स्वतंत्र, मुक्त परन्तु कैद 

Monday, August 8, 2011


"Common sense and history  teaches you that rewarding illegal behavior will only encourage more of it"- Ric keller
But, we do the same every single day. As if we were born to and fated to go off-the law. Many hearty thanks to our flawed, bugged political system, bureaucracy and democracy. We all practice it, enjoy it and tragically,  promoting it to our future generations. 
Give it a thought.
Think hard "How much legality prevails upon you" ?  
How many rules you break or ignore everyday and blame only others(policemen, law-enforcers) for their inactivity.
Note: By illicit here I don't mean the crimes like theft, murder n all instead it refers to the tiny simple protocols n rules which we breach knowingly or unknowingly everyday.

By the law, By the book
Without exception 
at every places, every nook. 
But "Who Cares" attitude 
At each coordinates n altitude.
Giving birth to bodies of lies 
and hearts of 
No-Guilt, Zero-Gratitude.

Shrewd inactions,
Ever-growing tail of 
Illicit actions.
Probation by blinds 
As always, Sidelined. 

With paraplegic, malfunctioned tools,
as dictated by political fools.
Its impracticable to 
dissipate this fog
With compromised 
observations, flawed Entries
and spurious logs.
a new facade, a new ruse
to discompose and confuse. 
We are still "Contended"
By our surrounds
Give me one single reason 
On what damn Grounds ?

Just open up your eyes 
try n realize.
Don't loose your eyesight
to conceptualize,
Because, all in all 
our brains are not yet lobotomized.
We can still  -->>
Criticize and

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy friendship day !!!

A very Happy Friendship Day to all the fellow bloggers... I feel so blessed to have have friends like you. We all belong to different parts of world but here we are linked and bonded in a very unique way. 
Thanks in tonnes for making my life full of fun. 

Lots of hugs, wishes n love !!
Jyoti Mishra

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We all live a hectic life...We live like a busy bee. Performing n numbers of jobs on priority basis but priorities changes every day new one added, and others dropped. That's how things go on. But in midst of all this we are becoming mechanic kinda automatic ( machine- oriented).... Priorities, tasking, scheduling..... We are stuck. Buck-up guys there are some things on this earth  which are above any kind of priorities... Give time to yourself and try to stay(some time) off the track and enjoy the view from side :)  

Change faces with time
We all have a  box of it
Low, Average or Prime.
Priorities bulldoze you
to climb
mounds of aims
in your primes.
Priorities changes "You",
with time.

Box was vacant
when you came
anon, it became crowded
as neurons were tamed.
Elaborations and intricacies
blow your innocence away.
Things become too complex
to express, to say.

Friends, families, life, career
big buzzwords
people say.
How priorities shapes you
even it plans
your hours and days.
Priorities morphs
transforms with time,
But don't make a maze
in your head,
work something out for sublime.
Don't change too much with time.
Remember,you are the one
who sets priorities.
So don't screw this life
which you only get once
only one and one-time.

PS: Thank u all so much for your lovely wishes.. my exams were fantastic. Now finally I'm a graduate. Feeling good. Thank a lot again !!!


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