Monday, August 22, 2011

Time flies

"Time flies on restless pinion.. With unimaginable speed"  ~Friedrich Schiller

From few days back I've been reading Indian history and eventually I realized that time travels with a great speed. Its like a flick of a second and a full series of events occur in the whole world. Single human life looks like a speck when compared to the rich, diverse and highly colored history of mankind. Historians say earth is just few years old and this forged an idea in my mind that time just flies. Time can act as a great teacher in our lives. We can learn a lot from our past. It teaches us numerous tricks to excel in the events ahead.

With nay anticipations 
events betides on the life scale. 
When you look back
they are mere
anecdotes or 
nanny's tales.

Time flies with turbo-speed.
You gaze that tree
from your window
which was once a seed.
Life is short 
smithereens of Kalpa.
It's just few years back 
When we were 
natives of Harappa

Mouryans flourishing.
A new culture, new era 
to partake. 
Buddha delivering speech 
Making us awake.
Guiding, to realize our 
sins and mistakes. 

Ashoka the Great
Jack of all trades. 
He was crowned sometimes back.
From the acumen of Akbar
Even "great" ones
were taken aback. 

Ohhhh, for few days 
misfortune was profound.
Shackled and slaved 
every Indian was found. 
We fought a long battle 
In minds, as well as on grounds. 

And the day came
when world was astound.
gaiety and happiness 
all round.
Time flies, without making a sound. 
A venerable teacher 
for intellective unbound. 


  1. history of india in a nutshell...yes time flies, ask a geologist :)

    nice one

  2. A capsule history of Hadappa to free India. Nice poem, Jyoti.

  3. capture much history in a few short lines...and time does fly, int hat we resonate a bit today...thank you for the birthday wishes...

  4. Ms Jyoti,
    A historian and a poet, a remarkable combination. Your poetry is beautiful.I could see Ashoka and Akbar the Great among others. Great run through you gave to us. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Yes time does fly, right on by, whether we like it or not, it can't be caught. Great history weaved in as well.

  6. wow. that was a great idea to write history in a form of a poem. liked it.

  7. Well written - a great piece that mix history and poetry in a firework of words.

  8. My that was quick! It is only when you slow it down to normal speed is the pain and suffering is made apparent. Thoughtful poem Jyoti.

  9. Time flies indeed. The preface to the post was a suitable ode and the rest of the post was a magnificent brush up with our history. Great pace, the post traveled.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. Is India really free? I will consider India free when it is free of corruption

  11. Simply superb and thought provoking..

  12. time flies the yesterday a seed and today a tree line...and also great history you're weaving into this

  13. I enjoyed reading your posts... you weave your culture and history into it... a unique voice~

  14. सच है मनुष्य के धरती के आगमन को अगर धरती के जन्म के समय से देखा जाय तो अभी बस कुछ ही पल ही तो बीते हैं यहाँ उसे आये ..कौन माप पाया है समय की गति को -कोई इसे मन की गति के तुल्य रखता है तो कोई प्रकाश की गति से इसका सम्बन्ध स्थापित करता है -कारन अगर हम प्रकाश की गति से तेज चले जायं तो समय का पुनरावर्तन हो जाएगा -यानी समय का तीर पलट जाएगा ....आपने काव्यात्मक तरीके से समय की तीव्रता और मनुष्य इतिहास की क्षणभंगुरता को अपने तरीके से बयां किया है -बहुत विचारपूर्ण और अभिनव प्रस्तुति!

  15. Look what has Independence done to you?! You are talking like you belonged to that era!! ;)
    Jus kiddin. Time flies for sure! I didn't realize when did I stop being a stupid kid and grew up this mature (have I?). I wish every phase of life had a reminder that it was getting over.

  16. Hello,

    There is pure wisdom in your thoughts and poem. True time flies on wings. Only yesterday I was a carefree lad and now I am counting my days to say good bye. Look at Sharmila Tagore,Rajesh Khanna,Hema Malini, Dev Anand, time has really played havoc on these icon of the past. But human beings never learn from the past. They repeat the same mistakes our ancestors did. Napoleon invaded Russia in winter and had to face defeat. Hitler did the same mistake of invading Russia in winter and was completely defeated. If fact, no youngster will understand the advice of any older person including the parents and they make the same blunders and mistakes their parents did and perhaps even worse. This is life, this is history repeating itself.

    Best wishes,

  17. History lessons? I don’t like them but I really liked this one:)

    And yes, your tick – tock is very interesting.

  18. @Jyotes ,you're not only a good writer but i guess you are also a good historian. You're hands always impresses me...i loved all your write-ups.

  19. Indeed, time is an invisible force which doesn't follow any set rules or barriers. It just follows its own path and the journey have described beautifully in words, the saga of India through ages.

  20. ..time do really fly faster and faster.. and will never wait and stop for anyone... co'z time's too selfish to do that or are we too impatient and lazy to catch him up? liked the many careful references you execute in here.. well inspired!(:


  21. Wonderful description of time.
    Whatever you write would
    become a document for the coming generation.
    You have woven nice thoughts in your poem.

  22. Very well written :)
    You should have written it while I had history in school :D
    Nice post :)

  23. You have portrayed the history of India very beautifully. Very thoughtful poem. I liked the picture very much which is appropriate with the poem.
    You are welcome at my new post-

  24. Very Nice poem on short history! Our past is a greater teacher and there’s a lot we need to look back to go ahead… like a bow and arrow.

  25. Wonderful....
    Well, you summed up the whole scenario so beautifully and with a great flow....
    Loved it.....:)

  26. Well done. I like history in poetry. Nice.

  27. Time flies indeed, but nothing has changed in our country. 40% poverty with poor and downtrodden committing suicide. India isn't free. Struggle is our fate probably.

  28. Time flies with turbo-speed.
    You gaze that tree
    from your window
    which was once a seed.
    Life is short
    smithereens of Kalpa

    I love the wisdom of knowing we fight battles in our minds first and we cannot know liberation until these internal conflicts are resolved. Great write.

  29. It's nice to know the rich cultures and history of India.

  30. जन लोकपाल के पहले चरण की सफलता पर बधाई.

  31. When we're young we think we're going to live forever. It's only as we maybe reach our 40's we realise that we're not going to be around forever after all.
    A lovely read, thanks :)

  32. time is a purely relative concept.all the events or happenings are pedestalled and we are moving around on earth and those pedestals ,simply, keep on popping out, of nowhere.

  33. time flies and to history it is but a second, cultures are lost and reborn throughout the centuries, nice history lesson

  34. Amazing and great thoughts. History, I love. Pl. come over to my blog.

  35. ..Aane wala pal jaane wala hai ...time flies without making a sound but it leaves footprints all around !! very nice ..

  36. Glad you like my post :) I've posted more of the story. Do check it out :)
    Take Care!

  37. I am an ardent lover of history and I too need to streamline my thought process. Beautifully written.

  38. Jyoti,

    Time does not wait for anyone put across so emphatically.

    Take care

  39. A wonderful write about time. Nicely done!

  40. Beautiful. And informative. So nice to stretch the brain a bit. Thank you.

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  42. The Indian history in a nutshell..!!
    That was creative ..!! :)



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