Monday, August 8, 2011


"Common sense and history  teaches you that rewarding illegal behavior will only encourage more of it"- Ric keller
But, we do the same every single day. As if we were born to and fated to go off-the law. Many hearty thanks to our flawed, bugged political system, bureaucracy and democracy. We all practice it, enjoy it and tragically,  promoting it to our future generations. 
Give it a thought.
Think hard "How much legality prevails upon you" ?  
How many rules you break or ignore everyday and blame only others(policemen, law-enforcers) for their inactivity.
Note: By illicit here I don't mean the crimes like theft, murder n all instead it refers to the tiny simple protocols n rules which we breach knowingly or unknowingly everyday.

By the law, By the book
Without exception 
at every places, every nook. 
But "Who Cares" attitude 
At each coordinates n altitude.
Giving birth to bodies of lies 
and hearts of 
No-Guilt, Zero-Gratitude.

Shrewd inactions,
Ever-growing tail of 
Illicit actions.
Probation by blinds 
As always, Sidelined. 

With paraplegic, malfunctioned tools,
as dictated by political fools.
Its impracticable to 
dissipate this fog
With compromised 
observations, flawed Entries
and spurious logs.
a new facade, a new ruse
to discompose and confuse. 
We are still "Contended"
By our surrounds
Give me one single reason 
On what damn Grounds ?

Just open up your eyes 
try n realize.
Don't loose your eyesight
to conceptualize,
Because, all in all 
our brains are not yet lobotomized.
We can still  -->>
Criticize and


  1. Jyoti ji ,poem are always deep.I'm really impressed!

  2. "Who Cares" attitude
    At each coordinates n altitude.
    Giving birth to bodies of lies
    and hearts of
    No-Guilt, Zero-Gratitude.
    what to say about these lines i have no word to appreciate just awesome just gave a big slap to day to day human's wretched behaviour.great piece of work.welldone.

  3. Very thoughtful! And very true.. nice post!

  4. Truth behind your words, nicely stated.

  5. Jyoti, you have expressed our feelings with apt poetic expressions. I wish, I could write such beautiful poems.

    “With paraplegic, malfunctioned tools,
    as dictated by political fools….

    Very strong…..
    It is really nice read.

  6. yes, you point out some truth jyoti..nicely penned

  7. It's that couldn't care less attitude that is showing up now all over the world. I'm alright and as I don't know you, I don't care if you are or not.
    The children are growing up now without the correct disciple to guide them from breaking all the rules.
    A very nice write.

  8. sometimes it's important to just say, screw it

  9. how beautifully you brought out the problems facing out society...

  10. Optimism is one thing which i like most in your poems like this one...!Other things being novel approach and originality of ideas!

  11. the take it to them attitude in this letting truth be the sword...tight write...

  12. selection of a rare subject is highly appreciated, expressions are very fine.

  13. It indeed is true, and makes me wonder, that while every one is raising a hue and cry of supporting the anti-corruption movements they aren't angels.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  14. I just wait to read a post by you.. you got me hooked to this place :)

    Weakest Link

  15. Very thoughtful!
    nice dear
    keep it up

  16. Message in the words dwelling intense feeling of current Indian state situation. Nice post Jyoti.

  17. Wow! You sure know how to pack a punch! Love it!

  18. nice tot, nice plot... very well written... hope this human within us understands the need of time...

    CHANGE is what we all need, within...

  19. ...i love breaking rules especially when it feels so good.. i hate following rules especially when the one who should be acting it first is not doing it right... i like this Jyoti... you are always a deep thinker and analyst... great write!(:

    ..belated happy friendship day!!!(:

    Brightest blessings!


  20. Truth, you put forth a very convincing piece, very incisive! A beautiful poetry!

  21. Very beautiful and thoughtful poem. You should publish a book as you are an excellent writer.

  22. भारत एक कुर्सी प्रधान देश हैं यहाँ का फलसफा है -हम भ्रष्टों के भ्रष्ट हमारे .यहाँ दो किस्म के लोग हैं ,एक वो जो पहले जेल जातें हैं ,वहां से योग्यता प्राप्त कर फिर कायदे क़ानून तोड़तें हैं ,भ्रष्टाचार को पोस्तें हैं .अन्ना को अन्दर अन्दर कोसतें हैं .रामदेव इतर साधू संतों को सलवार पह्नातें हैं उनकी उपाधियाँ चेक करतें हैं .खुद ओक्स्फोर्दिया नकली डिग्री लिए घूमतें हैं ."भावी प्रधान जी ,इस देश के भगवान् जी "ऐसे ही लोग बनेगे .
    दूसरे प्रकार के पहले चोरी करतें हैं ,छोटी मोटी फिर जेल जातें हैं .देश का सौभाग्य है ,ईश की अनुकम्पा है देश पहले वर्ग के लोगों के हाथ में है ,वरना चोर उचक्कों ,गैर -प्रशिक्षित ,क़ानून से खौफ खाने वाले धर्म भीरुओं की हाथ में आ जाता .ज्योति मिश्रा ,जैयती .
    Wednesday, August 10, 2011
    पोलिसिस -टिक ओवेरियन सिंड्रोम :एक विहंगावलोकन .
    व्हाट आर दी सिम्टम्स ऑफ़ "पोली -सिस- टिक ओवेरियन सिंड्रोम" ?

    सोमवार, ८ अगस्त २०११

    What the Yuck: Can PMS change your boob size?
    ...क्‍या भारतीयों तक पहुंच सकेगी जैव शव-दाह की यह नवीन चेतना ?
    Posted by veerubhai on Monday, August ८
    बहुत अच्छा काम कर रहें हैं आप .बधाई .

  23. Your word choices and cadence make the piece flow. Well done.

  24. You are welcome at my new posts-

  25. I enjoyed this post. Thanks, too, for your visit.

  26. Because, all in all
    our brains are not yet lobotomized.
    We can still -->>
    Criticize and

    Awesome !


  27. Oh truth indeed!
    Nice flow to this one, Jyoti.

    Thanks for sharing & for the visit too. Much appreciated

  28. I'm all for breaking rules especially when I can gain an edge and it's against those who deserve it!! You wrote another insightful deep post!! Blessings my friend :)

  29. A powerful and thought provoking write.
    Some introspection... n retrospection... each one of us need to do.

  30. ज्योति आपकी तवज्जो के लिए सूचनार्थ भेज रहा हूँ .
    कृपया यहाँ भी आपकी मौजूदगी अपेक्षित है -हटमल
    Friday, August 12, 2011
    रजोनिवृत्ती में बे -असर सिद्ध हुई है सोया प्रोटीन .
    बृहस्पतिवार, ११ अगस्त २०११
    Early morning smokers have higher cancer रिस्क.

  31. thanks for dropping in...hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  32. brilliant you are ! what an outlook of a teen ager ?

  33. Superb creation..Very inspiring thoughts..

  34. That’s a powerful and thought-provoking one…

    Yes, just making an introspection would leave me with my opened for the wrong reasons…
    Cant blame anyone until I do what I ought to do

  35. happy independence day... :)

  36. quite true.. we are a part of the system that we often nag about. A change, if possible, would have to start from us.

  37. Jyoti,

    So factual about our CHALTAA HAI attitude. When will we come out of that?

    Take care

  38. Hello,

    Beautifully written exposing the ills of living in a democracy. In India democracy has allowed corruption, black money,hoarding, smuggling,land grabbing,stark poverty, starvation deaths,inequality, terrorism and so on at all levels and we encourage these despicable activities to get our things done. Unfortunately there is no better system of government than democracy. Other systems are still worse.

    I enjoyed reading this lovely post.

  39. You are right! The breaking rules almost happen on road traffic.


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