Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back On Track

I feel helpless
in mid of no-where
as if I am in dark
with no clear path

This feeling prevails and escalates
as clock ticks
I wander, and do nix

Want to do things again
Feel same old
Good and sane

Trying hard to get the track
from which I derailed some times back
looking for things to help
to trace it again
to get it back

This phase is tough
Its hard to deal
wanna cross it
without getting freaked

A lot of time has gone
I need to look back
I should get hold of it
else it gonna hit me bad

Now m pulling the strings
I m holding it tight
with more commitment
I start again
now I m certain
I can drive this train
in any terrain.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Story of a girl !!

Numerous girls around the globe are living a dire life. Forced to engaged in some really really bad activities. I've just finished watching a documentary on Human-trafficking, and that made me think that this world is literally a bottomless pit for them, in which they can never find an inch of peace and happiness.

Story of a girl
who strolls alone 
in this treacherous world.

Born with an auxiliary fortune
she gifted her parents with a
poisonous song and a death tune.

Untamed now she moves
Drawing all around 
some unusual grooves.

With the pile of suggestions
she's progressing
taking halt at various stations
sojourning and then a new chase 
a new face
in every next phase.

Not staying
She walks again
to face the monsters 
specially trained
Same way decades passed 
Her skin mutated 
from innocence to 
a totally harassed.

Back where all began 
at the gate of eternal rest
She slept 
after a very long time 
she heartily wept 

Questioning first time 
she demands 
What was my crime ??
She guessed
I came to this world 
at a very wrong time...
that was my only crime.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Never Satisfied...

Your Thirst and hunger
Can never be satisfied 
Every time 
You can simply 
Restart or Fight

No one touches perfection
Until one sits on top 
Of the hill of mistakes 
With a bag of 
Corrections and retakes 
Somehow learned to sense 
Victory  in both
Hearten and deject

Numerous Trojan wars to win
Repent for all wrongs and sins 
But still unsatisfied 
You Look forward 
Blank and Wide-eyed

Desire of "little more"
You can barely ignore 
A hint, this feeling growing 
In blood, in vein
with each pint.

You move again 
To attain a new perfection 
Just an another milestone 
Added to the road of 

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Wheels turning 
Gliding away 
You see them disappear 
and Fly away   

People go - To come back 
When next ??
A question of

Brings tears in your eyes 
Pain it carries 
Of enormous size  

It brings Smile :) as you move 
Finally you are leaving 
For what you choose

Threads of memories and smiles
Smiles of which endless you can talk 
Talk to paint life with colorful chalks 

An inevitable juncture
This departure.. 
A beautiful scenery of 
Emotional- Mixture 
This is
An inevitable juncture !!!


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