Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Its not my mistake; i mapped out a square

When I design a Square
What they see, is a Triangle
Disoriented in their own worlds
Never perceived my Angle
Pendulum in their minds; all time Dangles

Maybe I'm too stoned to care
Maybe wires in my head are too tangled
Maybe I'm tough nut to crack
But who cares
I'm fully oppositely Angled :)

Ambiance is fake all around
So are the faces and talks
People always miss one arm in my square
Then they carp and grumble, I speak dire 
Its not my mistake I mapped out a square
Its the others haste, that they get the triangle.


  1. ahhaa...really..!!
    yeah u rite..!!
    face and talks are sometym kindaa fake..but its not always like dis ..!!

  2. it's not only me...no one can predict....!!


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