Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Room

open drawers, hanging clothes
revolving fan, and no sign of vain

your books, your papers
it is only 'you' here, who matters

this is your space, you simply rest
got nothing to chase, no burden on the chest

you scream, you laugh, you cry
to this place its hard to say good-bye

I know it sounds bit hi-fi
but i find my room, better than heaven in sky! !


  1. i found mah room better thn hell-heaven...!
    whether it has plenty of space or not..but my room is a messy one..so i used to scream in d eve.wen i found the things are at own place but time passes and d next morning again its gota messy one..!!

  2. कल 29/08/2011 को आपकी यह पोस्ट नयी पुरानी हलचल पर लिंक की जा रही हैं.आपके सुझावों का स्वागत है .


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