Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beware: Incredibly Contagious

Anger, irritation, frustration, bad mood... you name it... all these are the symptoms of a highly contagious disease. Most people give it a name.. "Screw U All ". Its presence even as tiny as spot sets off the trigger and BOOM... its all around. Funniest moment can be spoiled.
Don't be a carrier of this disease.
You can site it almost everywhere. A single person with foul mouth or mood starts it and
there goes: The instantaneous reaction. 
It's seriously difficult these days for people to think before spitting out words from mouth. When they do this..... 
Rest you all know.. Sh*&** F#^&**

See  that fellow 
with a sore mood.
spitting poison 
sucking all pleasures,
glee and good. 
The crap with which 
he was dealing before, 
he can't give it up
gonna bring it more.
With his annoying, fuming face
he's all ready
for some pointless race. 
Damn he is hard-nosed
He won't give it up
till he's crashed or
screwed up. 

This disease 
Incredibly contagious,
obnoxious, tragically
utterly, outrageous.
It doesn't have motives
but, trust me 
its patients do. 
An obscure fact
but, its true. 

Like a parasite
it feeds on host
can be fatal 
if, misdiagnosed.
Vitals may look fine
Root of cause 
lies in your spine. 
Lumbar puncture it 
before you mutate in a 
ugly looking swine >_<

Now its up to you guys... u diagnose this disease and treat it. 
This looks like best option to me. 
We cannot let it become an epidemic. 
As Steve Jobs say: " Stay Hungary, Stay foolish" 
But, Don't be angry or annoyed :D 

PS: Regular absenteeism of mine on blogosphere will not stop me from visiting your blogs. Your latest posts are there in my unread list and I am gonna visit them asap :) 
   ~ Jyoti Mishra !!
सावधान: महामारी 


  1. Maybe his anger really has a reason, but BAHH those who're always pissed.
    And I remember a quote by Kabir/Rahim.I'm not sure who, saying our words should be such that they not just give us calmth but also our listener.

  2. very nice... by initially i thought it was a post about some medical disease and i was thinking about swineflu birdflu sars etc etc...but you got me ... very aptly presented..yes one person can spoil the mood of the company and i think one person can bring the mood back :) stay happy and enjoy the little blessings that we have in life :)

  3. beautiful post!

    कल 14/10/2011 को आपकी यह पोस्ट नयी पुरानी हलचल पर लिंक की जा रही हैं.आपके सुझावों का स्वागत है .

  4. It is an old saying that anger is like boiling water in which we can not see our shadow clearly.
    Good poetry, Jyoti.

  5. Good one there...yes the choice is really upto us.

  6. Wonderful post. Picture is absolutely superb and appropriate with the title.
    You are welcome at my new posts-

  7. Jyoti,
    Nicely said and very true! Enjoyed it.


  8. Good One , I hope i dont turn out to be one of those ..

    I get angry very fast but then i coold down faster too .. this one has got me thinking


  9. Nice one again Jyoti.It's funny how this disease spread,but it sure does and it's annoying.One minute you might be laughing and having a good time,and the next minute you all pissed.

  10. This is nice and sometimes funny too. Image did the icing:)

  11. haha I don't thinkI have a problem here, I'm loony enough to take away most anger and fear. Anger can be a disease though, that causes a bad flow.

  12. nice read jyoti... a different stroke altogether... loved it... :)

  13. and i included your link in that post...apologies, it was left out earlier :)

  14. Hai Jyothi, that's absolutely true yar.. we shall not carry this disease, and the sad part is its extremely contagious.

  15. a powerful expression depicting the blunders of one of the most disgusting habit of human being.....good poetic post!

  16. thats like cancer....
    so is smile too...That’s another infectious beautiful disease...

  17. anger can be a motivator but usually it is emotions out of control which leads to foolish decisions...i can think of far better things that are just as contageous...

    great to see you!

  18. As Steve Jobs say: " Stay Hungary, Stay foolish"
    But, Don't be angry or annoyed :D

    i strictly adhere to "stay foolish"...:):)

    coz infact i am.....:)

    and publicly announce...

    "एक हाथ से बजे वो चुटकी दो से बजे वो ताली है,
    श्री शर्मा के ऊपर का माला पूरा खाली है खाली है"!!!.

    ur this post is simply superb!!!

  19. It's freaking contagious.. and mind you, the 1st para (in pink box) blew my mind OFF. Loved it.. it's funny! and Jyo.. you are such a good writer. I am damn sure you have a future. sorry, a bright bright bright future in this line.. trust me and quit whatever you are studying :-P jk :-)

    Everyday I get to see/meet at least one frustrated soul and the days when I don't find one, I become one. I guess I spread mine with anger and bad mood.. I don speak foul (that makes me a good girl?).

  20. hmmm...I don't think anything can be more true than this, only if we had a magic wand to safeguard from these obnoxious diseases. Somehow these are in-built in our life systems. for some, its activated round the clock and for some only when it is switched on...lovely words and nicely crafted lines.

  21. anger permeates, it digs like a needle, great write

  22. Jyoti,
    I'm ok Ma'am. Your 'Random Scribblings' is on my blog list. I would get alerted every time you make a posting.I will be able to respond fast. So it's ok!
    Take care!


  23. I love the sing song manner in which you have written :) It gives a tune to your writing :D

    I'm not good with writing rhyming poetry, but I like reading them :)

    A chocolate is the best medicine for cheering up :D

  24. Antidote of this disease is smile and laughter...and after reading my comment please have a dose of it..

  25. Screw you. F#%k you. Are all a part of daily anger that gets buried inside with no way out and when it's least expected, *BOOM*.

  26. Now its up to you guys... u diagnose this disease and treat it.
    This looks like best option to me.

    Jyoti you must be having Srimadbhagwad Geeta with you.I would suggest you to read shlokas no.62 & 63
    of its chapter 2.

    These shlokas reveal the reason of anger and its
    consequences.If we know the reason the anger would be surely diagnosed and if we are able to divert our attention by meditating over positive thoughts,the anger would be automatically treated.

    I thank you for this excellent post and also for your mail to remind me.

  27. @crystal: u said it all.. Thanks :)

    @Israr: hey u also tricked me in your post :D
    u r right smile n happiness are equally
    contagious :)

    @yash:thanks !!

    @bhushan: exactly it blinds us... Thanks !!

    @Ria: Thanks :)

    @Babli: thanks a lot... that smoke painting was

    awesome. I checked it.

    @Hank: Thanks

    @bikramjit: I hope the same :)

    @A-9ja-Great: lol true... vicious cycle :)

    @tarang: thanks !!

    @pat: true u can never hav problem... rather its

    funny I can never imagine u in angry mood :D

    @bhargav: thanks... glad u liked it !!

    @zeal: :)

    @Dr. Monika: thanks

    @pramoda: yes it is.. Thanks !!

    @Dr.Arvind: many thanks !!

    @upendra: thanks... its cheering that u liked


    @deeps: exactly Smile is contagious too..
    but u see the the side effects r grossly


    @Brian: yes u r right there is a big list /:)

    @Devendra: whatever u do is superb :)
    thanks !!

    @Chinmaya: thanks a lot

    @shruti: u r a good girl, shruti :)

    @kalyan: thanks

    @Christine: rightly said... it digs like needle... thanks Christy

    @Rajnish: exactly :)

    @♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫: Glad u liked it :)
    yes chocolate can cheer up !!

    @ruchi: truly said... I had a big Smile :D
    Welcome here !!

    @Prateek: lol true... A big BOOM

    @Rakesh: I'll definitely look for it. thanks for sharing that :)

  28. An exceptional message! Thank you!

  29. Excellent post. This is one thing which we shouldn't spread and bury it deep.

  30. We've all been around these types, the ones who suck the room dry of emotion, oxygen, patience! I do my best to excise those types from my life when possible. Life is simply too short to indulge that type of mindset. Your poetry, as always, cuts straight to the heart of the matter. Stay your happy, intelligent self, Jyoti. You're one of my gems in this life. Love you, honey. <3

    - Dawn

  31. That’s so true! Anger is a person’s enemy and it not alone affects him but also his near and dear ones. There’s a reason to anger sometime, but always is incredible annoying and I’m hear a lot about it these days… and also experienced with such a person. It’s atrocious anger. Well written post jyoti :)

  32. You have a surprise on my page :)

  33. Hello.
    I have people in my family like this who seem to spout constant negativity...makes me not want to be around them.
    This is why I'm always singing, dancing, writing poetry & chilling out to the melancholic voice of the Great Mukesh Chand Mathur (the man with the golden voice). Besides, being this angry just uses up so much energy that could be spent doing happy things.

    Really enjoyed this post.
    Thanks for sharing & for your visit/comment. They were much appreciated.

    Bashful Lady

  34. thanks for popping in...hope your week is going well!

  35. hahaha..I love this post ,it hit me ! funnyyy !!!

  36. This is a great post. Sending anger and hate into the world effects all of us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!

  37. Anger certainly is pervasive and eats you up.Well expressed.

  38. This is super cute but so, so true!

  39. Very true words. Anger is so destructive.

  40. well put i like this post,gr8 blog bdw come thru my fashion blog n lets folloW Each other like twitter .

    C h u c h u - c h u l a l a . b l o g s p o t . c om

  41. @Brian: Happy Sunday :)

    @kay: Welcome !!

    @vyankatesh: thanks

    @abthomas: thanks

    @alka: thanks

    @yaadein: thanks

    @Dawn: Smiles... thanks a tonne

    @jeevan:true... u said it all !!

    @stampmouse: thanks

    @sanjay: thanks sanjay ji :)

    @andy: u said it all :)

    @brian: welcome Brian, Its goin on fine

    @angel: glad u liked it

    @magiceye: thanks

    @Nico: thanks

    @julia:thank u

    @classic NYer: glad u liked it :)

    @william: u r right... thanks 4 visiting !!

    @chulala:thanks n welcome here !!

  42. I have chocolates all the time :D

    Thank you for commenting :)

  43. a seriously formidable disease it is. you are so right. infection is easy. best be aware.

  44. You are most welcome on my new post.Jyoti.

  45. Hate is so ugly. Great job, though! You portrayed it perfectly!

  46. anger or hatred are sad to pass by or have.

    let go and seek different direction, bless all.

  47. Great poem. Love the phrase
    'spitting poison'


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