Friday, December 9, 2011

Face in the Crowd

The moment you step out of your home, you are nothing, but a tiny part of CROWD or more apt word PUBLIC. Unrelated bunch of people moving together in train, in bus, on road.... in shops and so on. Millions of lives crossing each other, without leaving a trace. Thousands of faces we see everyday..... nobody bothers to remember or think about people we don't know. 
But, sometimes there are few faces in crowd you can never forget. 

I saw that face, 
as I was walking 
on the road. Something, 
was gravely wrong. I doubt. 
A man was crying his heart out. 
What was wrong ? 
I had no clue. 
But, no one to console him, 
that was weird too. 

At that moment. 
that Face made me think. 
How he ended up,
at this state of brink.
In such a crowded place, 
He was standing alone. 
Like an used blade.
Lying in a man's salon.

His face, projecting. 
Stacks of mistakes. 
Like a painting of, 
Struggles and attacks.
Who knows ??
How many more are yet to happen. 
To shake that man, 
Who is already, so badly shaken.

Then, I moved forward 
got engrossed in what I was
doing before. 
Same old, Same old
Daily dose of chores. 
A routine fight to 
maintain, highly coveted
reputation n decor.

Now, When I roam around. 
I am startled to found. 
So many, similar faces. 
With different stories and
different grounds. 
What's common was
just the pain, pain profound.  
भीड़ में वो चेहरा


  1. Definitly is more common then it should be and truly captured the plight, nice!

  2. What's common was
    just the pain, pain profound.....

    Pain is everywhere...
    some unnoticed,
    some ignored,

    This one is filled with a empathy, a feel...
    keep goin......

  3. Oh my God. A very powerful and intense post! You captured the pain so well .. kudos.

  4. this blind race of life there are very few like you who have time to feel about the pain of such people.....and once majority of us start feeling that pain the world will be much better for sure.....

    very well written....:)

  5. दिल को गहरे से छूती संवेदनशील कविता।


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  7. Amazing, great poem. I wanted to write on the same topic...

    Kudos to your take...

  8. Great observation jyoti! Well written and deep in thoughts.

  9. deeply felt and written
    "to shake a man already shaken" - hmmm

  10. //Like an used blade.
    Lying in a man's salon. //

    Jyoti, you are such a marvel girl....
    Best wishes <3

  11. Jyoti,

    There are so many faces in the crowd which go unnoticed. Each one has a tale to tell.

    Take care

  12. Great thinking of a common-man. Not a simple thinking... so deep!!

  13. what a face...great pic to accentuate this...similar faces, different stories but the same as well on some levels...tender write...

  14. हूँ ..... दर्द हर किसी के हिस्से आया है..... उत्कृष्ट रचना

  15. Nice write. I like your phrasing and imagery.
    The picture is really captivating.

  16. Hello.
    A profound piece of writing Jyoti. The image is striking.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. Your kind words are very much appreciated.

    For ref:
    My Wife, My Priceless Jewel

  17. Great writing Jyoti! We often are not aware of others except ourselves.


  18. "Pain profound..' writ large every where..."Sarvam Dukhmayam Jagat"(This world is full of grief ,pain and sorrow..." said Buddha, observed himself the agony and drudgery of human life and went for a renunciation!Please beware!

  19. This is thought provoking. And making me feel a LITTLE insignificant. A feeling takes over me when I leave the house. I don't like that feeling too much. :-(

  20. Great post Jyoti, Nicely written. :) xx

  21. Profound post indeed and unmistakably India. Could have been Bangladesh too but does not fits. :p

  22. @Pat: Thanks !!

    @Prakash: yeah its very sad that Pain is everywhere. Thanks !!

    @Crystal: thank u so much honey !!

    @Irfan: thanks.. I wish the same.

    @Yash: thanks !!

    @Saru: thanks... love to read urs :)

    @Jeevan: thanks... !!

    @Sujatha: thanks !!

    @Chintan: thanks a lot dear !!

    @Chinmaya: thanks !!

    @Manoj: thank u !!

    @Brian: that pic touched me too !!

    @Dr Monika: thank u mam !!

    @Ravi: glad u liked it.

    @William: thanks :)

    @Andy: thanks a lot Andy.. always a fun to visit u !!

    @Hank: thanks... I agree Hank.. sometimes we r not aware, n sometimes we ignore.

    @Dr Arvind: :P Indeed it is everywhere !!

    @magiceye: thanks !!

    @Zeba: That feeling is weird. I can understand !!

    @Shreya: Thank u so much shreya.

    @Prateek: :P Thanks !!

  23. you think so deep ! observing faces and emotions in a crowd and relating to it ...
    ur 313th follower..many thanks for reading mine and following.

  24. oops ..looks like ,I had already joined in before !

  25. What's common was
    just the pain, pain profound. very true......mostly it happenes....we skip to see what we must see............

    well written!

  26. lovely poignant words...beautifully crafted lines!

  27. It is amazing how we can and do feel other people's emotions hit us from out of nowhere at times.
    Very deep emotional writing from you, very good life observations.

  28. way too many people like him with the pain and sorrow written in their face and no one cares..glad you saw him..

  29. A poignant read! Very well written about the harsh world!

  30. I can see him.. thanks for sharing this with us ~

    Hope all is well ~

  31. great poem .. but you are right faces do tell of all that might have happened and in todays day and age its usually the SAD faces that we see .. beacause I think today there is more sorrow in the world than happy.. people have become such

    and the picture well it tells a story I am glad you saw the pain usually people ignore what they see ..


  32. Some faces we met shake our world. So much pain and all around indifference.
    Powerful & painful.

  33. unnecessary pain. how much of this pain is making peace within and how that connects to our external world.

    seeing the pain is a prophetic ability. the good samaritan on the road, i believe, saw the man strewn alongside the road. the wealthier, official people didn't even see the man in pain and in need.

  34. He was standing alone.
    Like an used blade.
    Lying in a man's salon

    A unique angle to see the pain in image of lonely man. Great expression, Jyoti.

  35. well... thats the sad part of the world... sad faces like these do not make an everlasting impression on us anymore... these are all around..and then life moves on.. :(

    beautiflly vividly depicts the misery of the human race...

  36. This makes me wonder what the story was behind this man's pain, for him to project his emotions in such a public setting. How very sad. I hope that he found some small scrap of peace and solace. In my heart, I want to believe that someone stepped up to offer comfort, if only a quiet word to soothe.

  37. @Gopal: Thanks!!

    @Abhishek: thank u :)

    @Rohit: lol n thanks :)

    @Dev: yes we do skip most often... thanks !!

    @Kalyan: thanks a lot !!

    @Daydreamertoo: yep, sometimes its just comes from owhere. Thanks !!

    @Chrstine: Thanks

    @claudia: thanks :)

    @Rahul: thank u sir !!

    @Keatondrunk: thanks !!

    @heaven: All is fine :)

    @Bikram: I agree there is more sorrow in the world. Thanks !!

    @Marie: thanks !!

    @Ed: yeah ppl tend to ignore pain of others. Thanks ed for this lovely comment.

    @Bhusan: thank u sir !!

    @Israr: exactly... we just move on.. Its sad !!

    @Dawn: I wish the same honey !!

    @Lucia: thanks !!

  38. This is surely a nice piece of poetry. It's the picture that makes this poem wonderful.


  39. Awesome write. Very true observations, penned nicely.

  40. Thoughtful, deep. Your writing is very powerful!

  41. Beautiful, thoughtful and emotional poem. Brilliant piece of writing.

  42. Beautiful crafted story in a rhythymic manner.

    Very nice.


  43. This works well for me. I found it very moving. Excellent pic helped.

  44. The faces all have a tale to tell and some are happy while many are tragic. It's sad that unfortunate events put folks in horrible situations and others ignore their needs. Great moving post!!

  45. The best I've read from you! Well done, Jyoti :)

  46. Brilliant piece! I could feel the sadness and the helplessness coming across. And especially how you share your thoughts after a particular observation. Keep your inspiration going!

  47. आपका पोस्ट रोचक लगा । मेरे नए पोस्ट नकेनवाद पर आपका बेसब्री से इंतजार रहेगा । धन्यवाद ।

  48. ok we need to write something new...everytime you comment i jump over and that pic takes me once more...smiles.

  49. "With different stories and
    different grounds.
    What's common was
    just the pain, pain profound." wonderful lines and powerful sentences.

  50. ..powerful piece of poetry..Jyoti..
    ..keep it up..
    ..lookin frwrd fr more writes frm u.. :)

  51. I am confused Jyoti.
    When I read your post in Hindi on
    'chyanika'it looks me very good.
    But reading it in English here,
    It looks me best.What is your opinion,dear?
    But whether English or Hindi,your writing
    is always fantastic.

  52. @Sanjay: thank u

    @Chèvrefeuille: thank u n Namaste :)

    @Marbles in my pocket: thanks

    @The Orange Tree: thanks

    @Philo: thnaks honey !!

    @Babli: thank u so much !!

    @Mani: thanks

    @Dave: thanks :)

    @David:thank u :)

    @Sourav: Smiles.. thanks :)

    @Valli: thanks

    @Clariice: thanks dear !!

    @Prem Sarovar: thanks... I'll surely visit

    @Brian: I fail to write often :P

    @Neeraj: thank u :)

    @Rigzin: gud to c u rigz... thanks :)

    @Rakesh kumar: thank u so much :)

  53. Lovely Poem. "What's common was just the pain, pain profound." Very True. :)

  54. Brilliant. I always try to figure out the story behind all the faces I see on a daily basis. I obviously forget most, but some stay with me almost hauntingly. It's mostly the elderly.

  55. Jyoti Ji
    i read your most post... really nice collection & work you did. your some poems are very heart touching. your writing is excellent..


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