Thursday, December 15, 2011

All I need is Rhythm Divine

"All I need is Rhythm Divine"
There is nothing like music in this world. Its fun and nothing on this earth can replace it. One can never find a person who doesn't like music.Genre n taste may differ, but no one hates it. Its not only fun but a fantastic escape from the melodrama of life in which we all are trapped. No matter in what mood n surrounding you are, a fine piece of music can ease it out. Like a magic wand it has the power to heal n make all the things right. 
For someone like me a daily dose of it is essential for survival. I don't even dare to conceptualize the fact of living without it.

I turn the music up, I got my records on
I shut the world outside until the lights come on
Maybe the streets alight, maybe the trees are gone
But I feel my heart start beating to my favorite song.

In which I'm kinda lost. 
Like my favorite road, 
which I love to cross. 

With all the thumps n vibes, 
and all the tunes n chimes. 
I feel the waves of song. 
For which I can't crave long. 

n In a state of trance, 
a mood of joy n dance. 
I get the glimpse inside. 
of my secret place to hide. 
From the crap of world that
keeps me trapped outside.

n then I yell that song 
in my silent voice.  
I switch all my pains. 
In a full rejoice. 
I feel sane n strong. 
As I keep yelling that song. 

Que: What place MUSIC holds in your life ?
मैं और संगीत


  1. What a nice way of writing. I love every kind of music. BTW I love Enrique...He is extremely sensuous in his videos...

  2. Music is the best way to divinity! So well penned, Jyoti..

  3. Some rhythm and rhyme and one can have a divine time.

  4. plays a big role in my life actually...i wrote music before i ever wrote poetry...and i listen as i write now...and listening to hip hop has helped to develop my word play...

  5. Jyoti,
    Songs and blues great for you!


  6. Love for music is nothing but synchronizing with the mother nature,being in her lap and enjoying a lullaby...a transcendental experience...Those are luckiest people on earth who have developed a taste of music... to have life full of synergy infused with the musical rhythms..tuning with nature! Beautiful post !

  7. I cannot imagine my world without music in it. Lovely post Jyoti :)

  8. there was a time Enrique would make me go weak in the knees :) . not anymore :(

  9. jyoti, its a superb creation! u deserve a big hand for it.....i feel music got it's birth with the creation of this universe. it exists in our heartbeats, talks, talks, laugh, streams, sparks, voice of man machine trees birds & animals, water and even in fire too, and will last till the universe is. u stay in peace anywhere, peace will itself start to give u music. As per ur qn, no one can survive without music. For me music is not merely a sound rather its a breath, divine spirit & soul...:-):-)

  10. Jyoti...I commented above on this post...loved it...!

  11. Music is everything you said and more. I can't live without it either. You have a nice blog here.

  12. beautifully written poem . certainly music is the essence of life . it creates magic, it soothes the nerves , it provides the energy to take on the rigors of life .
    but please , not on road --weather driving or crossing the road . have a nice day .

  13. This is a lovely post Jyoti. I loved the way you penned. Music ♪ ♫ is life for me. It use to be with me in all kinda phases. Thanks music for being there where no one else was.

    P.S. I too love coldplay. \m/

  14. Every one of us need this rhythm divine.enjoyed the rhythmic ride.

  15. i totally relate with your poem!!! nice work :) and btw i am coldplay fan too :)

  16. Loved ths post f urs...coz I m music maniac...

    Music connects to divine
    Music is often the reason of my scribblings
    Music is often the reason i am ME...

    Fantastic post!


  17. संगीत जीवन का आधार है।
    हमेशा की तरह बेहतरीन कविता।


  18. This is very nice Jyoti.I especially enjoy the fact that you inculcated music into the poem.Nice!

  19. I enjoy music and listen to it all the day. Different rhythms for different moods!

  20. Nice on,world off!

  21. Music Rules The World Jyoti. *my Opinion* lovely poem.

  22. whatever we do rhythm is an important ingredient of it.....and undoubtedly most of us get the rhythm of our life back with music.....

    Nice Post...:)

  23. Beautiful poem Jyoti. Music really ebbs the tensions away:)

  24. @Dr. Monika: thanks :)

    @Saru: I love his music too.. thanks !!

    @Rahul Bhatiya: true :)

    @Pat: absolutely !!

    @Brian: nice to learn that about u :)

    @HAnk: :) thanks


    @Arvind Mishra: thanks !!

    @sujatha: yeah.. i agree a lil here. His old songs r much better !!

    @devendra: thanks dear... u said it all my friend !!

    @Raven: thanks honey !!

    @jyothi: thanks n welcome on Random scribblings.. wish to c u more !!

    @Dr Daral: Not to worry sir, I never do that !!

    @Shreya: true we should thanks music :P

    @Neeraj: Glad u liked it... Thanks !!

    @N S Kirti: thank u, Welcome on Random Scribblings :)

    @Mani: So do I.. a music buff :P

    @Yash: well said.. truly it is !!

    @A-9ja-Great: thanks !!

    @sparklemezen: I do the same.. thanks 4 visiting !!

    @Rohit: music on, world off... well said :)

    @DIDI: music rules.. yeah !!

    @Irfan: true.. I agree !!

  25. Jyoti,

    Music always plays a very soothing role.

    Take care

  26. Music is such....defines the life, I suppose....
    Jyoti, you are gifted with writing <3

  27. You post things I love. All the time. Without fail <3
    I love Coldplay. I love your posts. love you :)

  28. When I was younger, music was everything to me, and I actually could not imagine living without it. I thought people who didn't have aa radio in their car were nuts! But, its importance has lessened over the years, although I still love it--all kinds. Very nice post! I enjoyed it!

    This kind of goes along with your post:
    And this is my poem for this rally:

  29. Music is my light
    Though I ignore it for a while
    Reason could be anything
    But music is like old n vintage wine
    Whenever I turned to it
    It gives me rythm n divine.
    Overall nicely narrated everything.
    Keep writing :)

  30. I love MUSIC.. anytime good or bad or sad whatever MUSIC is what i go to ..

    beautiful poem


  31. Oh yes. I need music on a daily basis. I play it while cooking, cleaning, getting ready .... it changes my mood instantly.

  32. A very important place...but I enjoy listening more than singing.

  33. I am truely amazed with yr talent.. keep going swtheart....

  34. Ah! Grooves mood. Touches soul. But not to forget, it also saddens the pre-sadden mood.

  35. Congratulations Jyoti for presenting this nice post.Though,I have commented on your Hindi blog 'चयनिका',but I would like to repeat that comment here also.

    मैं संगीत को जीवन में चेतना प्रदान करने वाला सक्षम और शक्तिशाली साधन मानता हूँ.'सुर' से संगीत होता है और 'असुर' से शोर.

    सुर और असुर के बारे में मैं अपनी पोस्ट 'ऐसी वाणी बोलिए' का निम्न पैरा उद्धृत कर रहा हूँ

    "सुर और असुर समाज में हमेशा से ही होते आयें हैं.सुर वे जन हैं जो अपने विचारों ,भावों और कर्मो के माध्यम से खुद अपने में व समाज में सुर ,संगीत और हार्मोनी लाकर आनन्द और शांति की स्थापना करने की कोशिश में लगे रहते हैं. जबकि असुर वे हैं
    जो इसके विपरीत, सुर और संगीत के बजाय अपने विचारों ,भावों और कर्मो के द्वारा अप्रिय शोर उत्पन्न करते रहते हैं और समाज में अशांति फैलाने में कोई कोर कसर नहीं छोड़ते. इसका मुख्य कारण तो यह ही समझ में आता है कि सुर जहाँ ज्ञान का अनुसरण कर जीवन में 'श्रेय मार्ग' को अपनाना अपना ध्येय बनाते हैं वहीँ असुर अज्ञान के कारण 'प्रेय मार्ग' पर ही अग्रसर रहना पसंद करते हैं और जीवन के अमूल्य वरदान को भी निष्फल कर देते हैं."

    आपसे और सभी सुधि जनों से अनुरोध है कि आप मेरी पोस्ट
    'ऐसी वाणी बोलिए' अवश्य पढियेगा.

    Thanks a lot to you once again.

  36. oh yes..i can relate to what you say about music...this grooves jyoti

  37. Very beautiful....good work Jyoti.

  38. Music is the song for the soul :) It calms us down, pumps us up, drifts us into a sleep :)
    Nice piece :)

  39. Hello.
    Music is poetry & poetry is music...the two go hand-in-hand. I love music. I start my day with it & fall asleep listening to it. My favorite to listen to & sing is by the great Mukesh Chand Mathur. His voice just puts me on a whole different level & many of my poems have been penned with him singing in the background.
    Nice post Jyoti!
    Thanks for sharing.

    For ref:
    An Inscription Of Love

  40. the title i was thinking of Enrique... :)

  41. I love to sing and enjoy listening to music as I feel relaxed. Very beautiful poem.

  42. Nice words, so much passion.

    I love to sing and enjoy music as well...

    Check out my music cover. Merry Christmas!

    Erick Flores

  43. Love for music is life

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