Monday, November 21, 2011


Lets Play POLITICS...  some of you might be thinking that either I've gone mad, else I am studying too hard these days which is resulting in this stupid idea of playing politics..... but trust me I'm writing this in full sane mood and funny thing is playing this game  is a daily deal and most of us can become  fantastic politicians too. But before u all stop reading this politically motivated post lets just talk about politics.
What is Politics ? 
The problem with "politics" as a concept is that it has various versions/definitions. People have different ideas about what politics is.
Some even think that politics is what politicians do :p 
Mahatma Gandhi once observed that politics envelopes us like the coils of a snake and there is no other way but to wrestle with it. 
But we all are too cautious n averse of politics and we all say ohh c'mon I don't play politics. I am going to stay away from it. But this is a big big lie, and there is no escaping too.
We all are part of some or the other political system. We all are politicians, if not political than of some personal-politics :D So just don't deny playing it.

Don't we manipulate.
or try n populate. 
Our ideas and thoughts. 
Don't we try to inter-connect.
Just to feel good and great. 
or may be an attempt to dominate.

Don't we initiate intrigues.
Making groups, forging leagues. 
Deeply concerned n connected 
with our clique. 
Stupefied and lost 
in self-created mystique. 

Busy in pursuing personal interest.
We eat selectively 
prefer only what our
crafted mind can digest. 
We have our own agendas, 
templates and presets. 

Lets play politics
like we always do. And, 
Don't deny it.
coz, its true.

Knowingly, unknowingly 
We all are stained. 
Wrestling hard n we're strained. 
In homes, on roads 
everywhere we execute. 
These political codes.
We negotiate, we compromise
just like a political party do. 

Lets play politics
like we always do. And,
Don't deny it 
coz, its true.

आओ खेलें राजनीति 
PS: A big big sorry and apologies for not responding to comments and your new posts.  Caught up in a hectic routine :( Will try my best to visit all of u asap !!!!


  1. We play politics n it is true! Jyoti you have returned with a bang after a break... A brilliant read!

  2. look at you rhyming up a storm and yes sad but true it does seem to be the norm.

  3. So,
    Lets play politics
    like we always do. And,
    Don't deny it
    coz, its true.

    If playing is for healthy enjoyment,to attain
    positiveness and for a good cause,nothing
    is bad in playing politics.It may give rise to
    intimacy one day.

    I completely agree with you that we play
    politics knowingly or unknowingly.Positive
    politics always construct, but negative
    would surely destroy.

    A superb post Jyoti j....i.
    Really you are well playing a positive politics.
    How would you describe my politics?


  4. indeed! time we got out of the denial mode!!

  5. You are indeed right. Politics has been distorted and tattered into a form no one would want to connect with-contrary to what it should actually be. Sigh.
    Well written and very honest post, J.

  6. A norm we reject with words but we join with actions. Powerful and very true with the perfect rhythm that shows us what we don't want to acknowledge. Well done.

  7. (u may delete tis)...

    am glad tat u finally made up ur mind n wrote something :)..u've no clue how long i've been waiting 2 read it!!..

    thnx jyoti!! in touch :)

  8. Hey let us play politics-a good satire on all encompassing all polluting politics!

  9. Realistic lines...

    Everybody is a political these days...It is unfeatured skill available in all.

    Ethics in a way are hardly concentrated when stepped in politics.

  10. Yes we are all so good at it too. Some as one of your other comments have said, if they are for the good it's acceptable if not, then it harms.
    I just wish I had half of a politicians money.
    Well said!

  11. nice...i like the echoes of the refrain and it is takes someone really humble to sit aside their own interst to really get to a point where we coexist peacefully...

  12. politics is inescapable for anyone who cares about the well being of others who are less fortunate, or factory farmed animals, or the ecological damage done to this planet in order to maintain profits. for me, politics is the reality of where public money goes. and the people in charge know this, and so they have cable stations that mislead people about who's allegedly benefiting from public money. jesus christ's life as well as gandhi's was totally about dealing with the people in charge and getting them to respond to what the majority of the people wanted. when you do that, you get killed. that is the political reality of this world and always has been for 5,000 years. we were all better off before we 'civilized' as we lived in nomadic communities, traveling with the seasons. we're only useful now if we can make money for other people, something jesus and gandhi understood quite well.

  13. Very cool poem here. Politics promotes self-interest. To help people we must circumvent the system ;)

  14. love this,
    your message make a lot of sense to me.
    fantastic write.

  15. You have portrayed the truth very beautifully. Each and every word is the fact and everybody is interested in politics. Wonderful poem.

  16. surely we are all politicians at different levels... thats human nature...we think of personal benefits and with that comes all the politics... nice thoughts and good write up :)

  17. Very reflective post, Jyoti. I never thought about rhyming on politics, I mean for me it was a topic of debate but here I have a nice poem. Great work. A writer can do anything. :)

    After all, pen is mightier than sword. ;)

  18. Knowingly, unknowingly
    We all are stained.
    Wrestling hard n we're strained.

    ...So true...superb!

  19. Let us not deny that we do play politics. Being true to one's own self is first step towards inner corrections.
    Nice poem.

  20. @rahul bhatiya: thanks !!

    @yash: thanks

    @Pat: thanks ... but can never do it even close to u :P

    @sourav: thanks :)

    @Rakesh Kumar: Awesome comment :)

    @magiceye: exactly thatz wat we need at this point.

    @crystal: true.. its exactly opposite ..... thanks !!

    @Marie: thank u so much !!

    @Chinmaya: We'll b in touch... Thanks !!

    @Arvind Mishra: thanks... Lets play !!

    @Dr Monika: thanks

    @Prakash: True :)

    @daydreamertoo: lol I wish tht too :P

    @Brian: yeah... it is indeed tough but not impossible. Some great leaders were successful in doin that and they changed the course of wind :)

    @Ed: I agree with your point that it is impossible these days to escape from any form of politics. In some or the other way it touches us. Thanks 4 this lovely comment Ed

    @J R Nova: Rightly said..... Thanks !!

    @The Orange Tree: thanks and Welcome here !!

    @Babli: thanks :)

    @Israr: its a vicious circle in which everyone is trapped. Thanks !!

    @Shreya: thanks Shreya... Glad u liked it :)

    @Manish: Thanks !!

    @Kailash C Sharma: thanks !!

    @Bhusan: true inner corrections is so much needed !!

  21. Amazingly True...nicely done!!

  22. ha indeed..sometimes you think it's just a huge playground and they shift and try and no one knows exactly how to really play that game..fine write

  23. You're so right... it's impossible to get away from politics. Unless you do like Emily Dickinson and become a recluse. No politics necessary, haha! Well worded poem. :-)

  24. the thing about politics is, you could always stay away from it. but then that would be like walking in the dark. you have an idea of where you are headed but not of the way. what politics does is, every now and then it will teach you this one lesson. and those are like bulbs. you will realize, you need the light. no i am not calling politics light i am calling it a disease you cannot survive without.


  25. truth told unsparingly
    and beautifully in a poem

  26. Lets Play POLITICS !!!
    (mainu t ae smj nahi aanda yr kudiya da dimag inni tez kive chalda hain ????)
    i really enjoyed the way of your presentation of your blog quite simple and effective !
    enjoyed your poem a lot !

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Hi Jyoti,
    Your every poem touch to the heart. Your way of thinking about politics is very nice.
    Yes, people can't run away from politics because politics by the people and for the people, may be Democracy or Autocracy.

  29. U knw...its soo v true....each word...

    Some play less
    Some play high
    When politics hits
    Every heart sighs...

    Get hands dirty
    Just get through
    If you want to survive
    Politics is the rescue!!

    This is wt i have learnt in my short prof career so far....liked d post a lot Jyoti!!


  30. @Prashant: thank u

    @KZ: thanks.. glad u liked it.

    @claudia: u r right :) Thanks

    @Classic NYer: lol yeah

    @Raj: well said raj... yeah its indeed a disease.

    @sujatha: thanks n welcome here !!

    @Ajay: thanks.... glad u liked it.. Welcome here !!

    @Mani: I really loved ur comment. Thanks Honey

  31. Jyoti,

    Read 2 poems now. We tend to miss out on so many little things which can make us happy or wise. Who does not indulge in politics? During childhood did we not try to be one up in some way or the other? It is only when you become wise that you see how silly it is but do our real politicians see it that way lifting the veil of vote bank from their eyes?

    Take care

  32. Very true! Without politics we can't enjoy the comforts, politics is not indeed about politicians... that we always keep in mind. I do like play politics and has interest a lot.

  33. Very well written Jyoti, politics the dirty game, that they play to run into shame :D

  34. Everyone plays politics at a point!
    Great post :)

  35. nice a poem on a different rare subject after long(so much of nature,relations,pain,relief,feelings type of poems around)...and why politics be treated in -ve context..for me POLITICS IS LEADERSHIP,AN INSTRUMENT OF CHANGE!!

  36. @JAck: Thanks a lot uncle :)

    @jeevan: We all play. Isn't it ?

    @chitra:thank u !!

    @philo: thanks sweet

    Rohit: thanks rohit... glad u liked the post.

  37. awesome post......

    in fact, we all are politicians in the form of social and professional actors.....its not easy for others to identify where we play politics....:) :)

  38. You have an amazing gift of playing with words and making them meaningful at the same time.

    enjoyed reading the post to a tee.

  39. Glad to be one of many visitors on this awesome web site : D Nice blog, keep posting

    From everything is canvas

  40. Too much politics everywhere...need a break from it now....lovely words...very well crafted lines!

  41. You've finally done politics! This is my favorite post of yours so far. All true and, I'll just admit it, all fun for me. Politics is my favorite spectator sport. Good work, Jyoti.

  42. Some play less
    Some play high
    When politics hits
    Every heart sighs.

    i so liked these lines.....

  43. People are so manipulative, political and what not! family included!! seriously. Who would know it better than me. I can't some how relate myself with this.. be it at office or home. I simply cannot play politics nor stand those who do.
    Nice piece nevertheless and as always :)

  44. Yeah, you definitely did write on the same topic--nicely done and thanks for sharing :)


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