Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good and Evil

"He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
— Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

I've always wondered how brilliant minds fall prey to ills and evils ? How a person with high credentials and intellect slips deep down in their moral behavior? How our leaders and executives and all other people with great power and much greater responsibility go past their standards and do some heavy nasty things. 

Corruption, bribe, cheating are just the popular ones there are so many holes in their armors that it seems impossible to imagine that sometimes back, they used to hold one. How this transformation of good into bad takes place ? Is it an instant process or gradual ?

Men and women with great passion and hard-work pave their ways to high places. They turn their day n night in studying and creating a personality which segregates them from general mass. They are seen with respect, are tagged with wisdom, knowledge and discretion. Then how this well-informed, educated and trained mind gets distracted ?

Nobody is born bad. Initially we all are same delicate, childlike, spotless innocent creatures. Than what makes us good n bad ? Is it the genetic make-up, deeds we do, things we say or the people around us ? Is there no way of knowing, detecting and sensing this braniac pollution? When and how its going to attack ? Its symptoms or side-effects ?

Questions are many and so are the answers. But none helps. This monster is growing, and its growing with speed higher than ever. Some are resistant, some are resilient. But for how long ? We all know how great technologies which we proud today, helping us in building our nation, uniting it and controlling it, can be used disastrously if got in wrong hands. How some people bend rules. How the laws and rights are misused ? How the data [which we believe to be encrypted and super-safe] collected in the name of protection and benefits and fast and easy transactions holds the capability of stalking and monitoring our each and every move ?

How the things/rules/laws and people which were once good turn into some friendly monsters. Those who are fighting against it, how long before they fail to abstain ?

PS: Sorry for not being so active these days. Got exams... But, will be back again soon. Till than tckr !!!


  1. very profound JOJO!!..somethings cant be explained so easily!!

  2. Jyoti,

    It is true that no one is born evil but it is circumstances which turn one from good into evil. And it is so because one sees evil enjoying while good suffers.

    Take care

  3. you know i think the first thing is the realization that we are all susceptible to one is free...the other is that we put people up on a pedestal far too easily because of position or perceived power....and last power corrupts...often those in power will assume a position above the law or at least the populus...

  4. Insightful read....interesting picture!:)

  5. Yeah when people start believing their own hype, things go from bad to worse. But what starts it is normal people putting these so called heros on pedestals. Then the so called good people do the rest themselves.

  6. Hi Jyoti,

    Interesting Read thou not an unusual topic but yes the edged writing is adorable.

    However, I think it's about inner beliefs that takes him or her to evils. The more you loose yourself to the situation the more you become tangy.
    We are masters of our own actions. All we need is the control over our senses and actions so as to control the reactions.


    God Bless

  7. पर कहा गया है,
    शिवं भूत्वा शिवं यजेत..
    आप जिस पर विजय पाना चाहते हैं, आपको वैसा ही बन कर यह कार्य करना होता है।

  8. What are considered as men of virtues and well read necessarily may not have a character! We pay the huge price due lack of character building!

  9. Jyoti first thing humans are combination of good and bad, we all possess both sides. Secondly, I agree with you that yes people tend to go negative not because they are becuase they are forced to...when they have bad experiences of life, their pain and injustice by society towards them drive them.
    Feeling of dismayl n revenge such a normal reaction jyoti.

    We have plenty examples - Dacoit Phoolan Devi, the great singers with highly disturbed personal life many many many examples. They pay the cost of being good n society is nasty.


  10. Nobody is born bad'
    True and factful. Matter of discussion and thinking the process of transformation

  11. So true...nobody is born bad!! I loved the pic, so apt for what u have said here.

  12. Its still a random question... obviously i point at the society one practice and the non content mind. Great post Jyoti!

  13. There's a thing line between good and bad.It is easier to fall into the 'bad' side of the line and if we have this at the back of our mind,we'd be conscious of our actions,reactions and interactions.Various factors contribute to a man dropping his moral standards and becoming nasty,from the environments to personal relationships etc.

  14. hmm I think we all have our bads and good inside us.. Also it depends what you percieve as good or bad.. what is good for you may be bad for someone else :)

    It all depends on us as human what side we let go haywire ..

    All the best with your exams , do well and take care


  15. Somehow,your post reminded me of the trilogy Lord of the Rings. Indeed a profound post.

  16. Concern is genuine.You might have heard that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    At the same time all are not born equal,variation is the law of nature.Some are born with a predisposition to criminal longings.
    Read Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson to understand the subject with a still deeper understanding -strongly recommended!

  17. I loved the quote at the beginning!
    Interesting post!

  18. Responsible folks turn to be monsters when their options are threatened. They lose their reasoning and suffer. Great observation Jyoti!


  19. well said....i think people have always been like this....nothing changed...

    it isn't black or white...always somewhere in the grey...

  20. I think you are wondering about the right things at the wrong time :P
    Maybe get back to your studies :P

  21. I tagged you in a post,visit my blog to know more about it.

  22. With great power, comes great responsibility, and the one yielding it must exercise great discretion throughout the discharge of his duty to use them so that it is optimally utilized and not misused.
    With every step taken forward towards becoming greater than the masses, we also edge closer to insanity. Power, and the hunger for power drives it. With every step we edge closer to the realms of Gods, and to be God needs great restraint. The world doesn't hang in delicate balance just like that.

    Nice read Jyoti, and best of luck with exams.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  23. That is a profound quote but who else other than Nietzsche could have said that! Did you have Rajat Gupta in mind? Because, it is hard for me to think of great leaders in our country who have succumbed to the blackhole of late. They have been the dogs of hell for as long as I have known them.


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