Saturday, April 21, 2012


DREAMS we all have one or may be many and there's no lower or upper bounds. Squeeze or expand, totally a personal choice. It keeps us going. Dreams forms the rock foundation of our aims and goals for which we work all the time. Everything we do is to bridge this gap that exist between the dream and reality. If anyone tells you he/she doesn't have one. Shake that thought off of your mind, because it's impossible. 

Realm of dreams is colorful, vivid and vibrant and it's beyond anyone's comprehension. A daily wage labor wish to have a one-time meal and he/she works whole day long to get that. Cars, home, job, gadget, position, power, love, peace, trophy and what not. Its everything you ever wished for and than you devise elaborate plans and tricks to get that. Like your personal brand of paradise where you have everything you can ever crave for.

Your whole life revolves around it. Schedules and routines, your reading habits, music, movies and everything else are just stepping stones. Helping you in different ways to have that taste of satisfaction. You are working for that round the clock consciously/unconsciously.

There are times when you feel lost and blue. Disoriented you wander here and there and then somebody or something gives you inspirational kick. For some, other factors work too. Anger or desperation can work in favor in such situations. All you need is control and focus and then you're back in race. 

I am numb but i can still feel you
Sometimes I’m blind but I see you
You are here but so far away.

I’m on a course of collision
Am not about to give in
Can’t explain my position or the condition that I’m in.

Where I am is no limit, no walls, no ceilings

No intermission
, so let the Party begin ~ Enrique

Words are powerful. No one can deny that. They have this extreme power of persuasion. One can come out of any misery with the help of some spoken or written words. Motivation is the biggest driving factor to achieve your dreams and one should keep taking it in bits n pieces from time to time. Don't let your dream get covered with rust and dust.

Your swords grown old and rusty
Burnt beneath the rising sun
Its locked up like a trophy
Forgetting all the things its done ~ Vampire Weekend

One poem that has inspired me in past few days is
Invictus- William Ernest Henley

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

I am working hard for my dreams and I wish that all of you do the same and we all will live our dreams in reality. :)


  1. A nice write up and poem about dreams! DReams are the foundations on which we build our future! May all your dreams come true, Jyoti:)

  2. Nicely compiled, indeed a inspiring poetry...

    Yes focus, control and not to forget the determination makes us move on n on....

    Nice Read:-)

  3. I can say that yeah I m living my dreams.

    Nice poem

  4. def inspiring...i think dreams are good to have, but i def keep mine fluid though as i would not want to miss one dream for being so focused on another....thus i am the captain...

  5. working hard towards fulfillement of dreams is the second step to success .. The first being TO DREAM itslef ..

    All the best in fulfilling all your dreams one by one .. Take care .
    loved the way you have written ..


  6. Jyoti,

    Very well put. I fully agree with you what you said in introduction.

    Take care

  7. a lovely write up....
    this poem is one of my favorite..
    i love two lines
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.

    nice post :)

  8. Currently assessing the dreams, but yeah they are good to have as one never knows with them where they will go.

  9. स्वप्न द्रष्टा होना अच्छी बात है..रामराज्य का स्वप्न तक देख चुके हैं हम ....आईये उस दिशा की और अग्रसर हों ,परिश्रम और प्रयास करते रहें .....बहुत अच्छी लगी पोस्ट!

  10. INVICTUS is my most favourite poem.. you got the essence in your post. All the best :)

  11. Dreams, desires, aspirations… who doesn’t have them?
    But don’t you think it takes a slice of luck and a doze of hard work to churn out the product of these dreams n desires? Unfortunately this blend is not meant for everyone…

  12. Wonderful thoughts. As you rightly said, we ourselves are the captain of our ship called life.

  13. I love Invictus...the words written r so true!!

  14. Just dream and wait for chance is waste of time, I wish the possible dreams exists only by giving stress and hard work. Inspiring post and thoughtful poems...

  15. Great thoughts that can talk to us all, each one of your words are precious to me Jyoti. Dreams are so important, we should always remember it only takes one step to walk towards them.

  16. बहुत अच्छी लगी पोस्ट

  17. Very well put. I loved Invictus!
    We ourselves plan our lives, and it is only in our hands.
    Loved every bit of it :)

  18. good morning...and happy saturday!

  19. Very nice post. Dream and then try to achieve the same.

  20. It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll.
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.

    good jyoti!

    hope, ur all dreams come true...........

  21. No doubt everyone of us dreams.But,what we dream depends
    on so many factors.It's interesting to know the dreams of
    great personalities and how they tried to achieve in their
    life.We must know the relevant and positive dreaming.

    Thanks for a nice intellectual presentation again.

  22. Dreams and hope....two things which keep us going. Motivational thoughts.

  23. I feel that living a dream requires a lot of hard work but at the end it's so worth it :)

    great post

  24. I loved the poem by William Henley that quite captures the mood of the post. Onward ho, with our bloody, unbowed and unafraid heads!

  25. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Getting appreciation from a writer like you, it feels amazing :D

  26. Loved the post...go get your dreams !! :)

    Bong's Belleza


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