Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Irregular Minds

"Brain is complex" oftentimes I use this statement. Those who read me regularly might have read this statement many times before in my previous posts. Reason is I've always been intrigued by its unpredictable and anarchic nature of operations. There is no way of knowing what other person is thinking and how he/she is catching the drift of what you are trying to say. Its like a shot in the cimmerian shade and you never know whether its going to hit the target or not. 

Everyone's thinking is unique, that's an established fact. Each one of us have our brains wired differently and logically this only makes us one of a kind  person. What one thinks is right is never necessarily right for others too. You can play the game of "I'm right and You are wrong" endlessly with ones who have contradicting thoughts. Its like everyone have this personal process of cerebration and deductions and its not at all easy to understand. But here lies the problem too.... there are people who have this intricacy trait of highest order. Like some impossible mathematical theorem and byzantine tax structures their fortress of mind is impenetrable.

Like Shakespeare says in Macbeth-
"There's no art to find the mind's construction in the face."

What she thinks 
is unknown to me. 
It's like some constant 
trick played on me.
What I said and 
What she got.
I never got to know 
what she actually thought. 

I shot the arrow 
but its a hit or a miss,
is a mystery
lost in abyss.
Like a test of a subject 
you never read before.
Its preposterous to predict
how much you gonna score.

This mind is master
it devises whole thing round. 
In pool of thoughts 
either you float or you drown. 
It is complex 
I know deep down. 
Still I try, and 
when I find squat 
I just frown. 

Like that we always use our best of communication skills to convey our brainworks and musings to others but trying to know that how that person in front is taking it, is like executing an infinite loop. In computers when we encounter an infinite iterative piece of code either we terminate the program or we debug it and correct the logical error. But perceptions and thoughts ain't some computer program and you can't change its variables and debug errors. They are simply irregular minds with different development and different design processes and in order to understand this complex process, all you can do is.. NOTHING. Because understanding is like a WINE, it ripens more and more with time.


  1. most def agree on communication...we def struggle to decode each other at times...it is not just the words, but tone and inflections...complex i tell you...smiles....def verify....

  2. Yes, you are right. Mind is the most difficult thing to understand. wonderful article.

  3. Irregular slots combined together makes a regular world.

  4. A complicated issue indeed...and yes an issue of different perceptions and perspectives....Human behaviour is very complex and complicated...that is why there are so many cases of misunderstandings,confusions leading most often to very unpleasant, unfortunate endings... ending of relations or even some time to very sad things too...
    But one thing I can say - humanity demands to respect even the voices of dissents too....and we are the people who have passed eons in what we proudly call ,"unity in diversity.. " So we must learn tolerance and keep on evolving and expanding our capacity to assimilate even divergent feelings , expressions to broaden our outlook and persona.....We often mistake in judging the contexts and people and repent for that all the remaining life.... excellent prose..... keep on writing such excellent pieces....hats off!

  5. Yeah it can be rough to figure out what another is saying sometimes, but then my brain is crazy anyway, so I'm sure I cause dismay..haha

  6. i think this is why many masters conclude love and openness is the foundation of unity and peace, both in interaction with others and within ourselves. when we allow others to see how we think and operate, without fear, which is no small trick, we conquer fear and the associated defenses. i tend to think it's less a brain issue than a heart issue, but it all depends on the specifics of any encounter, for sure. great thoughts. i will be undoubtedly be thinking of this issue today...

  7. Jyoti,

    It is very true that no two persons will have absolutely same thinking of any subject. We get to know how much of our talk one understands only if she or he speaks about it but even then it may not be whole truth.

    Take care

  8. Jyoti,you are JOJO?
    Oh! I liked your this name.
    Would you allow me also to call you JOJO.
    Your post is thought provoking and
    interesting.Would continue to think.

    1. sure.. u can call me anything u want :)

    2. So nice of you Jojo.
      That means simplicity and intimacy reduce the complexity of mind.
      But,playing games always enhances the complexity.
      My thinking is going on.Your post is so wonderful,Jyoti.

  9. The jumbles that different minds create :) Loved the post. You always come up with different things to write about :)

  10. is difficult to understand mind
    nice thoughtful poem

  11. Jyoti, so difficult to understand a human brain and how it functions! The best is that even in the cleverest man it is used just about 10-20%.Even the best of SW professionals cannot write algorithms or code this! A lovely weave on this fascinating subject!

  12. Totally agree with Rahul ji here...human mind is so complicated!

  13. Excellent perspective on mind! Completely agree with you.

  14. loved the post...
    awesome just awesome..

  15. Yeah you do mentioned brain being complex many a times. And this one is a very apt analysis of our brain. It is, however, very difficult to present what it processes in the form of words but you do it efficiently.

    I simply love the way you compared understanding with wine...

  16. OMG OMG! I have been thinking over this all of my yesterday! The Mind massacre I call it.. ha ha! Seriously

  17. It's what we say,unique individuals - reading this triggered some thoughts. About how we try to categorise people to fit them into certain situations and then how we try to differentiate ourselves when we are grouped together. An irony isnt it? A circle of behaviour and balancing the act of being social as well as exhibiting our uniqueness!

  18. Just think, one day our computer/robots will probably be out-thinking our paltry human brains and then we will seem so simple in comparison. Some great points you've made here, we are all unique, and our brains are all wried that bit differently to each other, the closest (apart from clones) I suppose would be identical twins.
    Very interesting read Jyoti.

  19. I've mentioned it over and over that the mind is a very powerful thing.The human brain cannot have anything that'll match it ever.Not even computers can match the human brain,it's something the Almighty himself made.Nice one again Jyoti.

  20. Communication can be a slippery slope often with less than desirable results...Words get misconstrued and confusion ensues. The mind is a complex powerful machine but isn't wired like others thus the breakdown. Thanks for another interesting post!!

  21. enchanting post... I haven't been regular for a while but always your post gives me a breath of fresh thoughts. And, they keep me thinking all day long :)

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  24. very thought-provoking post. awesome!

  25. Now that’s a philosophical stuff…
    The realm of understanding, the depth and width of it has no frontier. And to communicate what we understand we have to dependant mainly on verbal or written communication which merely the languages we have learned. And whats language? …. Oops the chain can go on…
    Nice one…

  26. it's so true. it's stunning how two people don't see things the same way, even eye witnesses. that's why connection is a miracle, especially about important things. if we agree on things, that's consensus. and that's a force nothing stops. on a weirder note, in the spirit of this post, i will add that i have been told that cocharoaches do things by consensus. this is what i've been told.

    1. Cockroach theory is good... we all differ and we gotta respect that :)

  27. understanding is like a WINE, it ripens more and more with time.

    hhahahaaha true

    and of course, brain is complex especially urs'...:):):)


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