Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Running out of options ...

I have less to count on,
Numbers are running low,
Don't know where to run,

Visions blurred & blowed;
This scarcity,
Imparting virtual scars,
Invisible to all,
Trapping me in deadly fall;
Dwelling house of fear,
Creeping in,
Taking possession of me,
Complicating my world;

Ambiance is lying,
strengthening the gravity Of situation,
Throwing all this shit behind,
I want to fly away;


Convict in me
Taking shape
Out of these
This convict will ____

Seize the cool from ice
Slap the grudge right away
Steal the moments of clarity
Snatch the Hours from Day
To keep head In-Line
To hold the train of thoughts
To fetch the fresh breath
To catch the count on !!!
To catch the count on !!!

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