Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Under the shades of trees;
Among the chirping of birds;
In midst of sunlight and shadow;
crude life is here. 

Softness of leaves;
Hardness of rocks;
Beauty mesmerizes you;
Feel all in the same block.

Screeching of insects;
buzzing of bees;
It's a charm, a key;
To this pure n raw glee;

Sound of wind
Melodious as a song;
Beauty of simplicity;
Flawless and strong.

Painless, worry-less;
Absence of hurry.
Juicy and sweet;
As berries and cherry;

This is the countryside;
I am visiting;
Away from chaos;
compromises and trading.
Heaven is here;
Divine n ultimate creation;
chilling out, relaxing;
Killing all frustration.


  1. Beautifully put!!wish i had the chance to go to the countryside too,just to have a little relaxation!

  2. simple..serene..and amazingly pleasant!
    you took me to that place jyoti..:)

  3. It's about time I checked out your site. It's great!! Thanks for your continued support and comments.


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