Monday, January 24, 2011

Fear Is Everywhere

 Very often we FEAR, fear to loose, fear to not to achieve, fear to fail, fear to be detached, fear to not be loved.
Its all around !!
Its everywhere !!

It tears you apart,
Like an illness,
It eats,
Vital healthy parts;

Commotion and lull,

Reside together,
These inverse odds,
Smiles silence---
in dull weather;

Weight on eyes,

Irritation inside head,
Caged are your cravings,
Then your--
wings are chained;

This fear is disaster,

Master of all the acts,
These intricate riddles,
Lead you---
petrified, terrified
stupefied and mortified
states and plights;

You start imitating fake,

For some unknown sake,
You are  unaware---
of this fear
which is all around !!
which is mixed everywhere !!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Running out of options ...

I have less to count on,
Numbers are running low,
Don't know where to run,

Visions blurred & blowed;
This scarcity,
Imparting virtual scars,
Invisible to all,
Trapping me in deadly fall;
Dwelling house of fear,
Creeping in,
Taking possession of me,
Complicating my world;

Ambiance is lying,
strengthening the gravity Of situation,
Throwing all this shit behind,
I want to fly away;


Convict in me
Taking shape
Out of these
This convict will ____

Seize the cool from ice
Slap the grudge right away
Steal the moments of clarity
Snatch the Hours from Day
To keep head In-Line
To hold the train of thoughts
To fetch the fresh breath
To catch the count on !!!
To catch the count on !!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So Much

With extreme hectic schedules, desires, aspirations.We've lost ourselves.We stress so much in achieving a lot, in thinking a lot and we forget to rejoice and enjoy this funny lil life.

So much
in my head
A colossal fight
with in me
In time ahead...

So much
Queer thoughts and
Despicable in nature

Petulant I've become
Coarse and brutish
Never behave
(like before)
Relaxed !!

Everything looks absurd now
I need a gentle touch
Want to end this tirade
by writing this much ---

Life is not hard
If you don't
This much !!
If you don't
So Much !!


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