Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Under the shades of trees;
Among the chirping of birds;
In midst of sunlight and shadow;
crude life is here. 

Softness of leaves;
Hardness of rocks;
Beauty mesmerizes you;
Feel all in the same block.

Screeching of insects;
buzzing of bees;
It's a charm, a key;
To this pure n raw glee;

Sound of wind
Melodious as a song;
Beauty of simplicity;
Flawless and strong.

Painless, worry-less;
Absence of hurry.
Juicy and sweet;
As berries and cherry;

This is the countryside;
I am visiting;
Away from chaos;
compromises and trading.
Heaven is here;
Divine n ultimate creation;
chilling out, relaxing;
Killing all frustration.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guiding Light

Every day and night
I seek this Guiding Light
To guide me.... To the bright
Place full of light, I'm out of sight
To kill fright of highest height 
Lead Me !! My Guiding Light 

Varying thoughts in silence and quite
Altering paths as flying kites
This light is my appetite
To digest freaky plights
Hitches which seems so slight 
Guise as polite, they are parasites
I say to myself, Its alright 
In every ride and flight
I seek this Guiding Light
To kill fright of highest height 
Lead Me !! My Guiding Light 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reality Bites ..

Everlasting Questions...
In every corner of life
Does this Reality bites ??
I say YEAH very badly
It Bites.

It leaves impalpable bruises
that only YOU can feel
that are meant and designed
to Not to heal !!

Rejoice and Beauty all around
That is yours, and that is Mines
But you can see this Reality lurking
In between the lines.

We all guise this Reality
With Elixir and Charm
Covering it all up
To reduce its harm.

To live in absolute reality
is not an easy job
Full exposure to this Reality
is Identical to a heart-throb.

It Bites, and it will keep on biting
It's on us to keep on fighting
Reality or fiction
whatever it is
which can give us guiding light
Its our good to take it on
Before it looses its bright.
Increase the Charm, Or Reduce the harm
Instead of getting late
It is always better to set an Alarm !!


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