Monday, December 3, 2012

What strange creatures Brothers are !!!

Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.

Not in how they act. 
Not in how they make us feel
Just in what they are. 

~ Markus Zusak 
Such a relationship I share only with one person, my archenemy, my bro !!

He's quirk 
stupid, annoying but darling 
to my heart.
There's hardly any subjects
on which our ideas match.
If he picks anything
I'll run with my ultra-speed
to snatch it back

Like opposite poles of
a magnet, we cannot part.
Numeric equivalent of 
our differences, 
off the charts. 

Messing with your head
No need of others, its
exclusive right of mine. 
I say black, you shout white
Can never go to sleep 
without buzzing "Good Night".  

No matter how big you grow 
and how complicate our 
lives become. I'll keep 
kicking your ass
and make sure
you keep kickin mine :P     


  1. Very Sweet ode to your brother Jyoti:)

  2. Very nice feelings n nice thoughts...
    Come to my blog..Its quite a long gap I think...

  3. hehe... this is a lovely piece on relationship with your bro. I love the 2nd part of the poem :)

  4. Lovely relation...
    we fight...
    we quarrel...
    still we are together...

  5. Blood is always thicker than water! The post proves it -whatever it may be but favikol joint remains intact always!
    Keep it going Jyoti!

  6. awwwwww the best relation is that of a brother and sister alwaysssssssss.. and what a beautiful poem .. Loved it


  7. This is nice.It's obvious you guys share a serious bond.I likey!

  8. I have a younger brother, who hates me. This is how we cherish our relationship.

  9. Quite the bond you have indeed and yeah all the little things add up and so such a verse comes to your feed.

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  11. ha, so true..the relationship with a sibling is so different from any is nice to have a great bond with a brother or sister...

  12. so sweet...:)
    and after reading this i am missing my sister more now....those were really wonderful days when we used to be together......

  13. ...d contrasts between ur brother and u beautifully portrayed..nice use to metaphors..conveying ur message beautifully through ur woven words.. seems u love ur bro so much...keep writing.. :) ;)

  14. Jyoti,

    May you both have such fond relationship for many many more years to come.

    Take care

  15. Love those lines from Book Thief. And yours too.

  16. Hahaha!! How cute ! How sweet!
    This is beautiful poem dedicated to your brother!

  17. happy holidays to you as well...i hope they are filled with warmth and love...

  18. Awww Really Nice,i`m a brother too so i`ll take it u wrote on behalf of sister`s across the globe.

    Compliments of the season dear. :)


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