Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Counting Compromises

Fear is unnatural. Lightning and thunder are unnatural. Pain, death, reality, these are all unnatural. We can't bear these things as they are. We know too much. So we resort to repression, compromise and disguise. This is how we survive the universe. This is the natural language of the species.
Don DeLillo, White Noise  

Messy things compromises are, all dislike
This bittersweet debris of tangled strings,
Some are arranged out of love and care,
These rioting twins, so complex they’re.
Some are forced upon asthenic hearts,
Too disoriented or districted to refuse,
Are these are ones that needs counting?
Or those which are dealt with reflexively?
Compromises for upgrades, which rests
Raising storms of fears, of far off future
And hushes down, the blues and sets
Straight that rudderless sail in ocean.


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