Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Out Of Control

My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them Jack Kerouac

In end, light’s gone and dark spreads
Everyone’s asleep I’m drained awake
Nocturnal dim charms me and mine
O’ august light of days and dawn
Find me if you can, I’m not lost
Not derailed or left caravan
Just little out of control
Sense, come find me fast.

In end, light’s no more and invisible worlds
Everyone’s fine, my mind and me in whorls
Wondering and wandering about my times
Widened eyes to see past dust and dark
Will I ever be found? Am I, Am I lost?
Benighted me thinking fast and hard
I fear to lose my compose
Sense, come find me fast.

How did this happen?
A paralysing thought.

Was it a trap or it is just me?


  1. It is just you, being lost and being discovered again is life adventure :-)

  2. Each of your piece wonders me and leave me with a thought.
    It is you to whom you met again again and then wonders. Hope august finds you soon :)

  3. Jyoti,

    It is not just pleasure to read your compositions but also makes on wonder at the deep thoughts conveyed. Please do keep writing.

    Take care

  4. One often asks oneself. But one gets too critical of oneself! There are things around oneself that can impact or impinge. Just don't take it as something serious against oneself. Then things will be fine! Thoughtful write Jothi!



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