Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sailing Unto the Storm

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.
Vincent van Gogh

Sea may spew some poison
For me to shock and halt
Waves may play some tricks
Break me young and clear all
But, a storm’s rising within me
Look, I see a storm in the sea
I’m sailing unto the storm
Beware you Storm

Hear me roar feel my howls
Spunk in me knows no bounds
Shout loud you Waves
Roar as much as you can
Sweet, embrace me hard
Delve, go deep in my heart
For miles and miles I’ll cruise
Forever I’ll cruise

So what if endless are your shores?
I’ll keep rowing in this little boat
To meet you face to face
You’re fierce I’ll be fiercer
Stay put, don’t you dare run
Please, let me have some fun
For I’ll lay adrift as long as it takes
As far as it takes
Oceanus you are so mighty and strong
I’m not going back on our engagement
Till my heart roars and beats
No bowing down on your feet
Your might makes me stronger
Every day I sail a little longer
For I’m sailing unto the storm
Beware you Storm.


  1. A young lady and sea storm! Inspiring poem!

  2. खूबसूरत नज़्म ...

  3. Either it is hurricane that rises within you or the basic survival; facing the difficulties is the best thing to do. Beautiful poem.

  4. "Hear me roar feel my howls
    Spunk in me knows no bounds
    Shout loud you Waves"
    Really vigorous one.

  5. Very motivating and fearless, Jyoti! Can now imagine the little boat fighting the storm:)

  6. hmm that is how life goes on..if one is afraid of dangers, life would stall... nicely written as usual :)

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