Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Always Too Eager for the Future

The new man is born too old to tolerate the new world. The present conditions of life have not yet erased the traces of the past. We run too fast, but we still do not move enough. He looks but he does not contemplate, he sees but he does not think. He runs away from time, which is made of thought, and yet all he can feel is his own time, the present. ― Eugenio Montale

Possibilities of many minds
They peep forward in time
Slowly time ticks away
Present becomes Past
Future is Present today

Of all the habits I picked
You were worst and best
I do not present explaining
Why we did what we did
Of all things that I have sad

Every walk was a test
I can still taste presence
Of your perfect defenses
Some things ever escape
Perfectly modeled cages

What is it that I seek?
In these cracks in time
All’s lost and sand
Here I too stand


  1. really think less time is running very fast. people don't aware to their real existence.

  2. I think people just overview things these days rather taking time to think insight! Well expressed Jyoti

    Keep writing

  3. Well written, time is ticking and we fail to realize the importance of present moment!

  4. been missing all these lovely posts while i was away for so long .. and that is lovely to come and read :)

    Heloooooooooooo ..


  5. Time marches on and man is left to mourn over the loss of time......


  6. Thanks for this informative article, I hope you will get most positive response specially for this post. . . .


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