Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is It Easy to Hate ?

There are glances of hatred that stab, and raise no cry of murder ~George Eliot

There's no law in this whole universe that inculpates anyone for hatred or coldness at heart. Hate, word in itself is so repulsive. Is it ??
It's there in the very fabric of our functioning. We can hate almost everything, we hate people, we hate rules, routines, schedules, authority....
some type of people, style of clothing, way of walking, tone of talking....
peachy behavior, mean relatives, stalking eyes, stingy sarcasm, poky neighbors, outwitting friends...  Sometimes ourselves...
All we need is a teeny-weeny reason to not to like and then sempiternal bragging and crooning is all we seek..

I am not talking about the intense, grudge-type hate but small and unworthy ones. Is it easy to hate than to love and forgive. Its so disgusting to have to befriend someone who have insulted you back in the time...... exasperation is at its height when you set to fake that perky, endearing gestures just to make sure that your alleged decorum is upheld.. When hating seems so alluring.. forgiveness and friendliness are tough choices to make.

Hatred observes with more care than love does

Colossal Chagrins and errs
inflicted pain, intentional blunders
those hefty hours of aspersions
rounds of fake flattery
stingy scuttlebutts
Relive all
the moments, the feelings
as our eyes connect
those memoirs
forthwith, more intact..

People say, love connects.. it mints relations. It spreads... its viral.  It conquers all and its powerful and divine, so does hate too. I've seen people bonding over common hatred. Making friends for common enemy. Chehov says- Nothing better forges a bond of love, friendship or respect than common hatred toward something.

The People's violent Love and Hate;
One in extremes loved and abhorred.
Riddles lie here; or in a word,
Here lies Blood; and let it lie
Speechless still, and never cry..
~ John Cleveland

Polarity of love and hate: 
Extreme opposites... yet very alike sometimes. Freudian theory suggests that in human relationships hate is frequently a forerunner of love, but also that in many circumstances hate changes into love and love into hate. 

Why Hate ??
Can there be any answers...can  the lust of hate ever be quelled ? Is it the crumbling walls of courage and strength or the qualms of loosing liberty and penetralias of your heart ? 
We hate what imperils our income, our popularity, our amour propre and our dreams and inspirations and our plans for ourselves ??

If we can isolate and nail this element of "what we hate" and "why" will we be able to cease from hating ??


  1. A little hate directed at the right person can help at times I suppose, but yeah it is easier to grab on to. Guess it takes less thinking.

    1. hehe yeah... less thinking can be one of the reason !!

  2. Where is the time to hate when there is so little time to love :-)But it is really a complicated issue.Perhaps man has an inbuilt orientation or predisposition towards hate too. And that tendency is of many kind -Even philanthropists are sometime found to be misogynists! Sometimes it so happen that you start hating a person who you loved most owing to only some trivial bizarre reasons!
    Issue remains unfortunately unresolved! :-(

  3. hate is an easy answer....easier than love actually because it requires little than to turn away and fester....

  4. Hate is deep rooted love than the love. In later you get relaxed for a while.

  5. A thought provoking subject though I do not believe in hating someone but prefer to take it as a different point of view from mine! Certain things may be obnoxious or disgusting including behavior but I have the choice to not associate myself with it without being hateful:)

    1. yes disassociation can be very useful here !!!

  6. कल 29/06/2012 को आपकी यह बेहतरीन पोस्ट पर लिंक की जा रही हैं.आपके सुझावों का स्वागत है .

  7. I think both love and hate are self developed feelings and these feelings come naturally. There are many reasons to hate (the normal feeling of dislike) or love something or someone and it entirely depends on individuals/tastes/choices/temperament. Nice post by the way:)

  8. The reason why hate is easy is because the heart of man is desperately and readily wicked.Love is the only thing that can help against it,this is the reason we should always preach love,ALWAYS!

  9. Its easy to break than building! Hating something or someone completely depend on situation and self.

    Excellent writeup Jyoti! Admired it quite :)

  10. Jyoti,

    I always say that hate is one emotion which we need to overcome. If someone has wronged me and I hate him or her, it shows that I care for that person but if I just delete that person from my thoughts or in other words ignore then I am much more at peace. As far as rules or dress or other such thing are concerned, one may just dislike and that's it.

    Take care

  11. Hate and hatred would wear out oneself. That's true Jyoti! Forgive and forget for small matters have a way of becoming big. Spinning out of control would be bad for both sides.Endorse your feel on this.Nice write!


  12. I think we have to rise above petty things. Why fill our life with so much of negative feelings. Why hate when you can use that energy to bond with someone. Though Provoking!

  13. entirely agrred with praveen ji....nice piece of writing...

  14. Beautiful description of eternal emotion called hatred. Is it not wonderful that the person we hate comes very close to our heart? Nice read.

  15. Hate is damaging to no one but the self.... the person one hates probably doesn't even care. Let go, I say.... not easy, but it does bring peace once you manage it!

    Do stop by my blog sometime! :)

  16. Hate and love: both emotions unconsciously get over us...
    Beautiful references you have used in your write-up.
    It was great visiting your blog:)

  17. This is deep.i think it has to do with the individual and with people character builds up depending on the kind of environment he or she grew up or the kind of influence the society has on that person..

  18. How do you get to write so well. Your writing is so simple to understand and yet so intense. I have no words seriously. - A new reader to your posts

  19. i received vital feeling of delight

    1. Welcome here Point...
      I loved the compliment :)

  20. very interesting thoughts in this..and def. hate unites as well when it comes to fight against a common enemy..Nothing better forges a bond of love, friendship or respect than common hatred toward something...true that...and sad as well

  21. It is easier for me to fall in and out of love than hate. That's all I know about hate. And you know your words speak of passion?

  22. It's easier to hate something than it is to love. Love takes a great amount of time, work, and constant attention to keep it alive and fresh. Hate only takes one emotion and doesn't have to be worked at, thought about, considered.
    I guess there has to be hate, as everything has exact opposites, love can't exist without hate. Maybe!

  23. great thoughts! thanks for sharing. i think love is much more work than hate. found you via the restless link up and am excited to link up xo

  24. If we can isolate and nail this element of "what we hate" and "why" will we be able to cease from hating ??


    I have referred a shlok of Shrimadbhagwad Geeta in my recent post.
    निर्मानमोहा जितसंगदोषा.. .....

    When we give a value(मान) to ourselves,and the people under value us from that value,we usually start hating them.Similarly,if the things are not as per our expectations,we also start hating those things.Most of our expectations are due to our ignorance(मोह)only.So,hating can be
    reduced and eliminated by practicing 'निर्मान'..& 'अमोहा' etc. as mentioned
    in the above shlok.

    Good thought provoking post Jo Jo...I mean Jyoti ji.

  25. I thought that way , but then in life one has a lot of experiences , I use to take pride in the number of friends i had and how it was fun .. but then someone out there showed me the other way round and It came easy to me to hate the person, Not it comes natural .. I know hateing is not good as it brings a lot of bad things into our own heart but then Life teaches us a lot ...

    a thought provoking post mam.. well done


  26. I liked the selection of topic… everyone mostly thrives on love, so some change is good ha?

  27. It's easier to hate than to love. Due to jealously, envy, competition we tend to dislike people and later to grows into hatred.
    I agree with deeps. I like the topic :)

  28. life is to hatred as death is to love.
    wonderful writing as ever

  29. My friend,
    Forgiveness and mercy are love's greatest qualities. I could never understand why we hate...

  30. It is always easy to hate than to love and forgive. ...Had the reverse been true, the world would have been quite different....a nice read, as always.

  31. It's easier to hate than to love and forgive. However, what we didnt realised, this hatred we hold comes with a price - a baggage of unhappiness we carry around with, the more we hate, the more baggages we have, it weighs us down. Our shoulders droop and our hands ache unknowingly, most importantly, the light in ourselves dim each day - till we have nothing left, except the baggages. So we should challenge ourselves, learn to forgive and forget - dont take the easy path out.

  32. Hatred begins from inner self of a person. Our loved one may be target of hatred to another person.

  33. Nice reading you. To me hatred is the other side of the same coin.

  34. hmmmmm have to think bfore a comment....

    hate is simply a result of an unlike! when it goes beyond tolerance we start to hate.....of course we should hate the bad things but not the bad people...

    in fact, no body is good or bad on this differs from person to person and depends upon the situation.......when someone is regarded as bad that one never realise that he/she is actually bad...before doing anything so called bad, he justifies it for himself with a solid ground......

    it may be any kind of bad, but the person attempting will never recognize it as bad.......

    hmmmm as far ur qn is concerned nobody deserves hate....we must try to realise them what should not be done.....(my empty mind can't think beyond this, u respond to your qn at your own)!!! :)


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